The Belize Times has been very reliably informed that the catastrophic emptiness of the Civic Center over the weekend when Patrick Faber officially launched his campaign for leadership of the UDP was the result of a ‘hit’ by Prime Minister Dean Barrow. Barrow, we are told, flexed the little remaining muscle at his disposal and called very big people in the UDP to instruct them that they were not to attend, and not to show any support for Faber.

Faber, who hasn’t been on the PM’s list of select acolytes for some time now, earned the PM’s wrath after he very publicly spoke out against a Cabinet decision to write-off $40,000 owed by the son of Cabinet Secretary Carlos Perdomo. The incredibly outrageous and corrupt move by Cabinet caused and is still causing a massive outcry in the country, with the unions jumping on board to condemn it as scandalous nepotism. Faber, trying to play good politician, decided to condemn it too, conveniently forgetting that he is bound by the rules of Cabinet. He’s not allowed to go against a Cabinet decision, no matter how corrupt it is, no matter how much it hurts the Belizean people and no matter how much it continues to enrich the few select UDPs.

The Belize Times has been informed that Faber was chastised like a rude boy-child in Cabinet, given a tongue-lashing by the Prime Minister and the UDP’s senior whip, Mike Finnegan. But that was not enough. The PM is nothing if not petty, and calls were made, we were told, to shut down Faber.

The United Democratic Party is done, done done! Just look at the choices for leader. On one hand you have Patrick Faber, who in three terms has not done one thing to distinguish himself in office. If you take any random five Belizeans and ask them what they know about Patrick Faber, four of them will tell you about his fancy SUV that turned submarine and ended up in the Caribbean Sea. Faber has done nothing to help the Belizean people. He has done nothing to provide a better education or educational opportunities to poor Belizeans. As a man, it’s no secret that he has gained a name for beating up women while under the influence. That is public information, in black and white. And as a politician, he is no better.

Take another five random Belizeans and ask them about Faber’s opponent for leader, and four of the five will tell you that they remember John Saldivar because of his extremely cozy relationship with accused killer William Danny Mason. Saldivar was a regular at Mason’s home, was his business partner, and even used to accompany him on trips. That is what Saldivar is known for. Think about it. Under Saldivar, Belize recorded the highest amount of murders ever – 145. Every single year, it seems to be getting worse.

The UDP is dead in the water. Everybody knows it. Word to the Belize Times is that the Prime Minister has been desperately trying to convince Mark Espat to step in, since it was proven that AG Mike Peyrefitte did not have the stamina, the longevity or the ability to compete seriously in electoral politics. Espat had allegedly been approached before, and it nearly led to mutiny in Cabinet, but now the Prime Minister sees the writing on the wall. He knows the end is near, and there is no light at the end of the tunnel. Will Espat step in to save the UDP?

If we were gamblers, we’d put every cent we have on the certain bet that the UDP is done. The fat lady is in the building and is ready to sing. We just wish they wouldn’t drag this out so long. The people have already suffered enough.