Belly of the Beast


Write-off Rejected

In a move that made history in the Senate, the UDP Senators who all have proven that they know how to take it for the team, were embarrassed and humiliated when they actually lost a call for a division on the Perdomo debt write-off. The UDP bit off much more than they could chew when they decided to write off a student debt for the son of a former UDP Minister and now Cabinet Secretary. They thought they could push that one through, but it has turned tiger on them. Every PUP Senator and every social partner Senator decided that enough was enough, and even though the petulant Senator Michael Peyrefitte was crying during the division, his tears were not enough to sway the right-minded Senator on the other side of the floor. Check this out Mr. Barrow. Since you say it’s okay to write-off a student loan for a rich kid with UDP connections, how about writing off ALL student loans for those ‘normal’ Belizeans who are struggling to pay them back? Now that’s a hell of an idea.

Rocky road ahead

There is word to the Belize Times today that following Church Senator Ashley Rocke’s vote on Wednesday, he has been classified as persona non grata by the Prime Minister, and his appointment as the Prime Minister’s spiritual advisor has been quashed. We are told that he may even be excommunicated and a new Church Senator named. That’s how the UDP rolls. Rocke shocked the nation and the world when he voted NO to the Perdomo write-off. He probably even shocked himself. Rocke, not so affectionately known as ‘that other UDP Senator,’ has been spotted at the Prime Minister’s mansion on Seashore Drive before Senate meetings, and since we would never, never believe that this man of God is taking instructions from the PM, we figured that he was only there to offer spiritual guidance to the poor PM who has seen his legacy destroyed. That’s our story and we’re sticking to it.

Vindicated my A*#

Check out Candice Miller now. She says she has been vindicated since the Court ruled that she has to be paid because her feelings were unfairly hurt after she was dismissed from the Council, or something like that. Listen, Candice was a political animal, end of story. She was out there during elections in her bright red shirt working for the UDP. She should be ashamed of herself for having no damned dignity. Everybody knows that if you work politically for one political party, and that party leaves, then you leave along with them. That’s what people of integrity do. We’re not talking about those people who manage to do their jobs well regardless of which party is in. We’re not talking about those people who don’t play politics. We’re not talking about people who serve the people. We are talking about Candice Miller, who served the UDP and worked for the UDP and did political things for the UDP. She has no shame. And the former Mayor, Darrel Bradley, has no shame. Bunch of bloody worthless, shameless UDP’s in good standing.

Krack-head Khalid

What in the name of all that’s holy is wrong with that guy in Belmopan? You know, that guy who thinks he looks like Kobe but who actually looks like Yoda. We’ve always maintained that Khalid is a cool dude, in the sense that he’s always smiling, and always looks like he’d buy you a drink. We’ve also maintained that he’s an absolute dud as a Mayor. In fact, the only thing he’s gotten famous for is selling out the hilltop property to some Chinese guy that nobody knows and nobody has ever been able to find. We also know that Khalid started building his huge mansion shortly after that sale to the mysterious Chinese gentleman was made, but that’s all we’re going to say about that. But now, the Mayor has gone big time into real estate, apparently. In fact, latest news is that the Council has subdivided Phillip Goldson Boulevard, turned it into lots, and has sold them out already to a certain select group of people. Say it ain’t so, Khalid. There’s a Minister in Belize City who is always cracking at the seams. We hope you haven’t been hanging out with him lately. This one is gonna blow up soon, and then maybe the truth about the Yoda looking Mayor and that Hilltop deal will come to light. Wait for it.

Buddy Brads

Now this one is going to be interesting. We all know that Brads and the boy who would be king (in his own mind) Patrick Faber are buddies. That’s where they hang out on weekends. Well remember we told you that Pats was recorded saying something naughty about the man who sits on the throne in Cabinet. Anyway Pats is persona non-grata, and the rest of the UDP rats have been deserting that sinking ship left, right and center, so much so that nobody wants to deal with the fallen child or anybody close to the fallen child. We are told that Brads now falls into that category of ‘persons associated with Pats’ and so when that Boledo/lotteries contract went in for automatic renewal, it wasn’t automatically renewed, so to speak. We are told, confidentially, that Brads will be given the boot, and a new company which may include a special son with a last name beginning with the letter B, will be given the contract. Remember, you heard it here first.