Belly of the Beast


REAL Big Deal

Here at the Belize Times, we were inclined to support Patrick Faber for leader of the UDP, simply because he’s a little less annoying than John Saldivar – just a little. But we have this week re-evaluated our position, and like all the other mice in the UDP Cabinet, we are jumping off Faber’s sinking ship. That Saldivar is a powerful man, a real big deal indeed. We heard from the grapevine that just last week he was complaining about the BDF Defender which transports him all over the country. According to reports, Saldivar was upset because due to obvious size and weight constraints, he and his right hand Dougie couldn’t travel together, so he was always forced to leave Dougie behind. Imagine – Saldivar complains, and in a matter of days a brand new jet is delivered to Belize via Blue Creek. And this one can accommodate his entire entourage. Now that’s real power. Sorry Patrick. You got nothing to offer, buddy.


What a hell of a thing. William Danny Mason, the porky Minister’s best friend who is accused of beheading a man, is claiming that he was framed by the Minister. Just take a second and think about that. The Minister in charge of Police, and the man who wants to be the leader of the UDP and the Prime Minister when Barrow walks, has been named in a sensational murder trial. And he has been named by no less than the man accused of the horrific crime. This man Mason, who travelled the country with Saldivar, who had his own elite GSU Police guard, and who spent many private hours with the porky one, is calling his name. Things that make you go hmmm, especially if you remember that when Mason was allegedly found at the bar with the head in his pickup, he was drinking along with the man who is Saldivar’s right hand. What is also very interesting is that before Pastor Lue was killed, he was attacking Saldivar on Facebook. If Mason is saying that Saldivar framed him for the murder, then is he accusing the Minister of being the one who murdered Mason? This is one that will bear watching. We at the Belize Times have maintained that Saldivar should have been asked some very tough questions after Pastor Lue’s bizarre murder. We still maintain that.

Pablo et al

There are big things happening in the Ministry of Health, and the electrician turned Minister is right in the middle of it. For a while now, we at the Belize Times have heard reports that Pablo and his wife Danini, who is the daughter of Erwin, are the real owners of a pharmaceutical supply company, with two other persons fronting for them. For a long time now, we at the Belize Times have heard that new CEO George Gough is the principal in a pharmaceutical distribution company. These reports are getting much more persistent, especially since Pablo’s wife, who heads the Drug Inspectorate, has been accused of holding back containers of quality medication for months and months, while inferior products from a certain specific company have been allowed to flood the market. Now, a new memo from the Ministry has directed NHI users to purchase these inferior pharmaceuticals only from certain pharmacies. We are told that many persons are complaining that the medication they get, supplied by certain companies, are inferior, and in some cases don’t work at all. This is no joke. People can die if the medication they depend on for diabetes or hypertension or other chronic illnesses don’t work. There needs to be an immediate investigation into this. And if heads must roll, then so be it.



Just the other day, a company allegedly with close ties to the Minister was found mislabeling medication, Diclofenac, which it supplied to the different health regions. This company allegedly deliberately tampered with the labelling, and sources in the health system state that this could have affected the health of patients. It is a criminal offence. Yet, the company was allowed to get away scot-free, because the Director of Health Services claimed that it was one of the most reliable and credible pharmaceutical suppliers. This is serious, serious business. For real.

Give up dude

A long time ago, we gave up on trying to figure out what’s in Big Mike’s belly. Could be all the inhabitants of a small country, judging by the size. But now we’re busy trying to figure out what’s in his head. We hear he wants to be Chairman of the UDP. He’s a twice failed political aspirant, and sources say that apart from his arrogance, the fact is that he couldn’t campaign because he has no stamina. They said it, not us. And now he wants to be Chairman. We think he should just call it off. Some people are winners, and some are losers. We guess you can figure out which category big Mike falls into.