Party Leader Remarks at NPC 2019


Memorial Park

September 28, 2019

Today we celebrate together as one family fully aware that next year our Party turns 70. When the PUP was started most of us in this room were not yet born.  So that before our time our previous leaders started a movement because they wanted to right the wrongs of their generations.

Our Party was formed because people were suffering and so some brave men and women took up the cause of our oppressed workers. At the time, the first leaders of our Party may not have known that they were starting a movement that would become the catalyst for our greatest political achievement, but soon a dreamer would take over the leadership of the Party and start a revolution which remains alive to this day.

Mr. Price and our early leaders first made sure that we could achieve for Belizeans the right to vote, and so in 1954 Universal Adult Suffrage was achieved because of the PUP. In 1964 it was Mr. Price and the PUP that convinced the British that we were, not only ready, but also capable of managing our affairs and so we achieved self-government.

In 1970 Mr. Price and the PUP made the bold move to declare a new Capital, Belmopan, 50 miles from where we stand today and 50 miles from the coast. Thirty-one years later, in 1981, our nation’s crowning achievement came when we gained independence with full territorial integrity.

No other political party can list any accomplishment close to these achievements.

No political party has built Belize as we in the PUP have.

We built schools in every district.

We created a constitution that promotes respect for fundamental rights; respect for the rule of law and respect for all our territory from the proud Rio Hondo to ole Sarstoon.

How did we do these things?  We did these things because generations of PUP leaders had vision. We did all these things because as a Party, we are always focused on the task of nation building. We did all these things because we believed in our people and we believe in Belize.

Our leaders not only believed in our people, they believed that this land was gifted to us by our Creator.  And while in 69 years, we can claim victory for every great moment in the development of this nation, we know that our progressive revolution must continue. We know that new chapters must be written, and new achievements must occur if the next generation is to prosper.

NOW is our time to take our party and our nation through the next generation of progress.  Now is the time for us to galvanize the forces of our generation towards one purpose.

After a decade of a corrupt, incompetent, and vindictive UDP administration, we must right the wrongs that have led to more poverty, more crime and too many lost opportunities.

We have to move our poorest people from poverty to prosperity.

We have to make our country safe again.

We must and we will declare an all-out war on crime and violence, and we will win this war. We have to put our people back to work by creating jobs so that our women and our young people who want to work can find a job.

Also, we have to make sure that we increase the minimum wage so that our shop workers, our cleaners and domestic workers can earn no less than $5 an hour.

We need to protect the rights of all our people and we will begin by ensuring that every Belizean man, woman and child can enjoy the right to live a healthy life and that is why we will roll out NHI from Corozal to Toledo and from San Pedro to Benque Viejo.

Our farmers will go back to work so we can grow what we eat and eat what we grow.

Our young people will be encouraged to dream again so that we can create new businesses and we will build new homes and provide new land for Belizeans to own their own little piece of the jewel.

We have to fix our laws to root out government corruption and yes, anyone who has stolen the people’s money, from the highest office in government to the lowest, they will go to jail!

I know we can do all these things because we are the People’s United Party, and this is our True Blue vision. We are ready to get back to work to build this nation. With a team of dynamic candidates and an army of True Blue soldiers fired up, we are ready to win and ready to lead this nation into a new decade.

NOW is the time to come together to rescue our nation

NOW is the time to organize

Now is the time to wake up and work

So, get up now and fight for Belize so that we can win for the betterment of Belize.

Our work begins now!
Right NOW!

And with the guidance of the Creator, NOW is our time to build a Belize that works for everyone.