Questions to Ministers

  1. Will the Minister of Environment please provide Belizeans with an update on the status of the New River and will he also say if the Department of the Environment has given any consideration to the effects of this on the Corozal Bay, which is an important hatchery for our fish stock in the north of the country?
  2. Considering the millions spent on the Phillip Goldson Highway Rehabilitation Project, will the Prime Minister and Minister of Finance please say what measures will be taken to address the problem of the sinking of the Phillip Goldson Highway Between mile three and half and the Haulover Bridge?
  3. Now that the Opposition has been able to locate the work place and license number of Joshua Perdomo, will the Prime Minister say if they will do the right thing and locate Mr. Joshua Perdomo to recover, or at least get a commitment to pay back, the $40,000 he was loaned for the furthering of his education?
  4. Will the Minister of Natural Resources please inform the nation what was the motivation for taking a portion of the Phillip Goldson Boulevard in Belmopan and parceling it for housing lots?
  5. Considering the fact that five or more ministers were officially on leave last week, and fully aware of the amount of travelling being done by ministers, will the Prime Minister say how much the government has spent in per diem and travel allowance for Ministerial travel so far this year?