Resolution adopted on Creating Effective Anti-Corruption Measures


People’s United Party

National Party Council

Memorial Park, Belize City

September 28, 2019

RECOGNIZING that corruption is an impediment to national development

RECALLING the Party Leader’s Independence Day Address when he stated that it is clear that politicians are not able to police themselves

FULLY AWARE that under the UDP corruption has infiltrated every Ministry, Department, and Office

COGNIZANT of the fact that because of corruption at the highest levels, Belizeans have been forced to pay higher taxes to refill public coffers which have been plundered

UNDERSTANDING that no credible investor will invest monies in a country lacking accountability and transparency and run by a corrupt administration

REAFFIRMING that Belizeans deserve and demand a government which will serve the interests of the people and will not be corrupt


The People’s United Party

  1. PLEDGES that the next PUP Government will:
  2. will create an autonomous Anti-Corruption Agency, independently financed with asset forfeiture powers
  3. will implement and abide by the provisions of the United Nation’s Convention Against Corruption (UNCAC)
  4. will empower the Public Accounts Committee and the Auditor General’s Office to carry out independent investigations into every level of government
  5. will ensure the independence of and provide the proper resources to the DPP’s Office and create a task force to deal with financial crimes to carry out the prosecution of any government official charged with crimes of corruption
  6. will create an independent Security Services Commission and eliminate Executive influence in the Police Department to allow the police to act without fear when investigating government officials