Resolution adopted on Reducing Incidences of Femicide in Belize


People’s United Party

National Party Council

Memorial Park, Belize City

September 28, 2019

CONDEMNING the words and behaviour of UDP Chairman Alberto August, who callously tried to blame the victim, Adamir Choc, and her family for the violent ending of her life

NOTING that the UDP has not condemned nor disassociated itself from August’s words

RECOGNIZING that protecting females against gender based violence is a human rights issue often overlooked, and that femicide, which is the intentional killing of females because they are females, is a hate crime

REALIZING that incidences of femicide is on the rise and Belizean girls and women often live in fear for their lives and the negative impacts are felt by families and communities

FULLY AWARE that the UDP has lost control of the crime situation across the nation

WHEREAS the next People’s United Party will make it a national priority to put in place short, medium and long term measures to effectively fight the scourge of femicide


The People’s United Party

  1. CALLS FOR the Chairman of the UDP Alberto August to apologize to the family of Adamir Choc and all Belizean women for his disgusting attack
  2. PLEDGES that the next PUP Government will:
  3. amend the Criminal Code to specifically define and codify femicide and impose harsh penalties for those found guilty of the crime
  4. provide proper training to the Police Department to ensure that officers at every level can recognize and properly investigate incidences of femicide
  5. impress upon the DPP and Judiciary the people’s demand that cases of femicide are dealt expeditiously and with delicacy and integrity
  6. implement programs in schools and through other organizations to sensitize and inform young girls and women of the need to be aware of the risks of femicide and how to prevent it.