Belmopan Land Scam


How much does a lot cost in the City of Belmopan? Speculate!

Answer: One Grand. Yes! 1000 Belize Dollars is what a parcel of land costs in Khalid and Saldivar’s Grand Belmopan Scheme of either major desperation or malice.

The UDP has skipped to the other side of the corruption spectrum.  They have warped from BTL/Petrocaribe, each worth half a billion, swoosh down to little buffer zones and ‘indispensable’ streets for 1000 dollars a lot as fast as they can survey it and identify those special pockets?

Fig. 1  Lots crossed out are lots sold for $1000 each

Why do they need this money oh so fervently? Is there an election coming up? Which? Does Barrow and Faber agree to this liquidation?

When last did you observe hungry dogs wolf down their food, then lick the aluminum dish till ‘no moh no moh’? Remember such canine anxiousness to lick up every last spot?

The UDP is now is at this licking stage and their eyes are blood shot in increasing levels of anxiety. The Headless Chicken Syndrome has set in and the UDP can only travel around the world in an attempt to run from reality. As their flight returns depression sets in.

In Saldivar and Khalid’s World there people will think that they are selling off invented lots for the good of the Belmopan people. People will be happy once pay is in their bank accounts. But what the people are not seeing is the crux of this iceberg.

Who believes that they are REALLY charging ONLY $1000 dollars for these prime pieces of land? Even UDP’s that were made to pay more are truly upset.

This Belmopan Scheme shows that lessons were well learned from their Sanctuary Bay Enterprise scam. This is home cooked and looks and feels legit.

The following is a little legalese from our National Lands Act.

(3) All reserves shall be notified in three successive issues of the Gazette and in one issue of a local newspaper and set forth on plans in the office of the Commissioner.

(4) All dereservations of reserves shall be notified in three consecutive issues of the Gazette and in one issue of a local newspaper.

  1. The Minister may grant leases of national lands on such terms and conditions as he thinks fit and may likewise renew leases on such terms and for such periods as to him may seem proper.

Was that all followed? The UDP has proven that they will never investigate themselves and if they do, they will sit on the report, a la, Immigration Report by the Senate Select Committee chaired by Senator Aldo Salazar.

The documents along with this story will show you the proof that 1000 bucks is officially what the government is getting for each lot offered in name scheme. Belizeans who believe this are definitely in the UDP sphere and blind. You will see names like Hulse and FuSheny which is not the point. The point is HOW did they get to qualify for this land?

Fig. 2  Proof


Fig. 3  Full Document Proof

But if you can see all the sizzling in this upgraded version of a hotbed of corruption then you are ready to move Belize in a new direction. The UDP keeps inventing mini-Sanctuary Bay Enterprises. These are popping up all over the country.

Fig. 4  Proof

Hugo Patt and his land office workers are visiting the villages as we speak. The promise will be…If you vote for us, we will make sure you get this piece of land on this document. Imagine that you own your own piece of land, and vote for us.

Will you believe the scorn of the UDP or move for a Change and the PUP’s plan to fight crime, end poverty and mold a Belize that will work for everyone?