If a gang of crooks and thieves were in charge of the country they couldn’t do a better job like what has been happening with the voters list. For years Belizeans have known that dishonesty and criminality has been taking place with the list of voters. Nothing on the scale of what is now going on has ever been attempted before. This is high crime and misdemeanor.

The elections law, called the Representation of People Act, makes it a crime to do what has been going on. Those voters who do it and those who encourage or pay for it or allow it or aid and abet it are criminals.

What are they doing? They, meaning voters and dishonest politicians, use supporters who agree to allow their address to be used as address of voters who do not live there.

They go and re-register as living at that address although they live elsewhere. Voters commit these crimes because they are party supporters and/or because they get paid by crooked politicians. Fifty dollars and one hundred dollars to sin their very souls.

For our democracy to work and have meaning, a voter is required to vote in the area where he or she lives. For dishonest politicians to encourage otherwise is to subvert our fragile democracy. Really! These politicians deserve to go to jail.

For the past two weeks the media have exposed some of the most blatant examples of this most serious sabotage of the voters list. Number 1 Kelly Street and 56 Regent Street have been exposed. It is a shocking and shameful situation.

Number 1 Kelly Street is owned by aspiring politician, Chinese/businessman Lee Mark Chang. Number 1 Kelly Street is Chow Saan restaurant. Francis Fonseca had beaten Lee Mark Chang in a previous general election. Prime Minister Barrow made Lee Mark President of the Senate. Lee Mark has resigned that position to challenge the formidable elected area representative Kareem Musa. And now this scandal. For Lee Mark to openly use his 1 Kelly Street means he has an explanation waiting to give the public.

Number 56 Albert Street is definitely an address being used for illegal voter registration. It is the former wooden house of Tracy Taeger Panton. Her dad is turning over in his grave. Fifty three bogus voters are registered at the address.

In other democracies these places would have burned down, so would the office of the elections department. No way, fifty three voters and their families could even fit in the board house at 56 Regent Street. My God! Tracy, you really let down yourself and your wonderful parents.

It’s your voters list, don’t you see the long, long list of 56, 56, 56, 56, 56?

As to the elections officers. Total disgrace. They belong in prison. All over the country the UDP politicians are engaging in this widespread criminality, and never once any of you challenge a single bogus voter. Not a single one.

We are reliably informed that Mr. F. Z., long time election officer posted in Queen’s Square, has long since retired but has been rehired at a higher position in the office. As every adult Belizean knows the election office in Belize City is one hundred percent totally politicized. Only die-hard UDP’s get jobs there. This represents another case of the subversion of our democracy by politicians. The Constitution of Belize governs employments in the public service. The Prime Minister has made one of his former UDP Ministers the Chairman of the Public Services Commission. That political appointee is not a defender of constitutional responsibilities, to put it mildly.

Because our weak and fragile democracy only allows for Belizeans to vote once every five years and thereafter have no say and no way in the governing of their country, the voting process should be sacred. To watch how low we have been dragged is to make our blood boil.

The media has treated this sensational information as if it is like other sensational news. But it is more than that. Even the sycophantic love FM media reported that the deputy Commissioner of Police (they called his name) is named as one of the many alleged bogus voters living at Chon Saan restaurant building owned by Lee Mark Chang. Both persons will swear in court that he lives there and the Magistrate will not strike his name off the voters list.

It is not easy to remove bogus voters from the voters list. If the matter goes to court, the owner of the house will tell the court the person lives there. The person will say he lives there. Even though it is a lie, who can prove otherwise?

Marco Vidal, a zealous police officer, now the Assistant Commissioner of Police and Head of Special Branch, Head of Special Operations and Head other things in the Police Department can prove that bogus voters do not live where politicians put them to register. It would be a big operation, gathering water bills, light bill, cable bills, house rent, written testimonies from neighbours, stalking out the houses, even video recording.


There is always a ‘but’. Assistant Commissioner Vidal is under the control of the Cabinet, the very humans who are point at for the most corrupt of corrupt practices. So there’s an end.

We should say there are bogus voters all over the voters list. There are two, three and four at single houses. But nothing in the numbers like has now been exposed. Both do it. They need to repent of their sins and stop this nonsense. But, (always a ‘but’) the UDP’s have taken this to a whole new level. Kelly Street and Regent Street are just two of the naked theft, massive theft of the voting process that is underway. There is no way this would be done so blatantly if the UDP politicians did not get assurance they would get away with it.

Johnny Briceno is very, very right. The elections officials and the Chief Elections Officer are equally as guilty as the crooked UDP politicians. Indeed, they are more so as they are paid taxpayers to protect the voters list.

The UDP are thiefing the general elections, starting now before it is even held next year.


The media caught up with Honourable Patrick Faber and asked about this terrible crime being done by his government, which in control of the elections process.

His response is as bad as the bogus voters list.

He did not strongly condemn it.

He did not commit himself that should he become Prime Minister he would do everything to ensure Belize democracy is protected. Not even a promise that the law would be strengthened. Not even a suggestion that quality public officers who are non-political be employed at the elections office. Not even a warning to those doing these dastardly deeds to stop subverting our democracy.

There was no outrage, no sense that this is a grave injustice. This man wants to be next Prime Minister and he showed not an ounce of moral fiber.



The Prime Minister was also questioned by the media. He has long ago lost any sense of conscience or morality. He mocked the Holy Bible by saying he can and will do nothing about the scandalous criminality because like the poor we will always have bogus voters. Wow!

Is this the same as saying the Ministers are corrupt so leave them alone to continue with their corruption?

Or, most people are poor so leave them to wallow in their poverty.

There is a saying; we “get the kind of leaders we deserve”.

I refuse to believe it.

God knows we deserve better than this.