Henry Gordon was clearly impressed with a list of policy initiatives published in the Belize Times when Hon. Francis Fonseca was at the helm of the PUP ship.  The PUP, as most educated Belizeans know, is way above the UDP in terms of ideas and visions for the country. Hon. Johnny Briceno has recently been giving voice to his vision of where Belize needs to go and he is in the process of appointing committees to draft policy proposals.

Henry Gordon is a university-trained Belizean.  He was the Head of the Weather Department.  He was handpicked to be the Cabinet Secretary in a previous UDP government.  He writes a weekly column in the Amandala newspaper.  He is a staunch supporter and defender of the UDP.  Like most sensible UDPs, he is embarrassed and ashamed that the UDP government under Dean Barrow is the most corrupt and worst government Belize has ever had.

Mr. Henry Gordon reproduced the following in the Tuesday Amandala newspaper.

“An election in a proper, functioning democracy should never be about who can buy and bribe poor voters to cast their ballots for a few dollars more.  That is the Dean Barrow, UDP way”.

“The proper moral thing that an election should be about is the caliber of the candidates and the quality of their ideas”.

Mr. Gordon does not use quotation marks in his column, so it is difficult to tell when he is quoting and when he is expressing his own views.  Mr. Gordon is a UDP and from all indications he will remain a UDP.  Like most sensible UDP’s it is hard to accept, much less admit, that Dean Barrow is the worst Prime Minister this country has ever experienced.

Under Dean Barrow the word corruption is on every one’s mind.  Hustling and stealing in government is the norm.  The nation’s treasury has been pillaged.  The hogs are fattening their bank accounts at the public trough.  The nation has been raped and sodomised.  Every important institution has been subverted.  There is no reform.  The same government Barrow met in 2008 is the same one he is leaving, only worst.

Speaking of Barrow, borrowing has gone way out of control.  It is now more than the country’s gross domestic product.    Poverty has gone from 44% in 2008 to 50% under Barrow.

It is not clear when Mr. Gordon is quoting or these are his words.  Whichever, it seems clear he endorses.



The significance of what has been happening must not be lost on us.  There is a sick person or persons living in our midst.  Another murder by decapitation has taken place.  Over the weekend Michael Gladden lost his head, literally.

His body was found in the bushes around mile 45/46 on George Price Highway. Two years ago Hilton Wade had his head cut off in the Cotton Tree Village.  His head was placed at a bus stop on the road side.  There are two of five known decapitation dating back to 2010 when a young mother from Belize City went to retrieve her baby in Roaring Creek Village.  Although neither head nor body were found, one or three persons charged for the murder gave a statement that the mother’s head was  cut off and both head and body thrown in the river.

Murder by decapitation is so alien to our culture, so un Belizean

It must surely be cause for suspicion that most of these heads being cut off have been happening in the vicinity of Cotton Tree Village.


Belize has sunk to a new low, or rather the government of Belize has sunk to a new corrupt low. The law that there is to be a Contractor General to protect the nation against any corruption by government in giving big money contracts to UDP cronies and hustlers and outright crooks has been completely subverted.

As worthless as it is that government has not appointed a suitable person as Contractor General for the past few years, the government is doing the Contractor General’s job.

Incredible. The rat di mind the cheese.

The cat is in charge of the fish on the table.

The Attorney General, a political appointee and a highly party political person announced that his staff are doing the work of the Contractor General.

What the hell is the country coming to?


Belize is stuck in such a horrible state of mismanagement and incompetence that we are being told to drink yellow water.

The yellow water started flowing, into our homes from pipes connected to Belize Water Services, BWS.  The water looks like vomit.  How the arse anyone can tell us it is okay to drink yellow water.

And guess who is telling us?  Not the Ministry of Health but the officials of BWS.  Their explanation is that their water is treated with certain chemicals and these chemicals react a particular way when there is too much iron in the water.

BWS says it happened before.  In Cayo District there was a chemical reaction between chemicals BWS put in the water and a build-up of iron.  At that time the water was red.

We reject BWS good intentions in explaining why there was no water in Hattieville for over 24 hours, and why yellow water started appearing from our pipes in Belize City.  We respect Alvan Hayes and his team.

What we reject and take issue with.  Health matters are for the Ministry of Health.  Under the Minister of Health this important government department has been run to the ground. It is not for water technicians to be assuring us that what we eat and drink is safe and healthy.  It is the duty of the Minister of Health, waste of time Ministry.

We are in a bad situation under this government.