UDP Players Sighted in Immigration


Elections Soon

The Belize Times has been following closely the sightings of UDP Ministers and other high-level players in Immigration offices country. Sources tell us that they have become frequent visitors in the offices which are mostly staffed by UDP appointees just for this purpose, and are allowed in areas which are off-limits to persons not employed by the Department. All political observers know what this means, from past experience. Elections are close, and the UDP is preparing to do what they did in 2012, and again in 2015 – they will try to steal the elections by registering persons who are not qualified to vote.

Just recently, a picture of disgraced former Deputy Prime Minister Gaspar Vega in an Immigration office in Orange Walk went viral. Vega, who was removed from office after his scandalous corruption and worthless deeds were revealed, has made it clear to those close to him that he wants back into office, and has been seen with Minister of National Security John Saldivar. It is well known that Vega and Saldivar are close allies, and speculation is that Vega is providing the bankroll for Saldivar’s campaign to become UDP leader.

Immigration offices countrywide have been under scrutiny for years, amid accusations of facilitating illegal registrations for UDP Ministers. Readers will recall another disgraced former Minister, Elvin Penner who was caught on camera facilitating documents for persons who were not qualified to vote. It is known that hundreds and hundreds of immigrants are pushed through the immigration process by the UDP whenever elections are called, and their documents are paid for on the condition that they vote for the UDP when they go to the polls.

Readers will also remember, in consecutive elections, pictures of UDP operatives removing boxes and boxes of documents from Immigration offices under the cover of night, with no explanation given.

In 2020, whenever General Elections are called, the UDP knows that their time is done. They know that corruption has become their modus operandi and the people are fed up. They know that Belizeans have watched Cabinet Ministers and UDP family members and their cronies get rich while ‘normal’ Belizeans stay poor. They know that it is the end of the line for them, because they have abused and victimized the people for too long. And so, in what is Mr. Barrow’s last hurrah, they will pull out all the stops, and use every corrupt influence in the Election and Boundaries office and the Immigration Department to try to steal a win. But even that won’t help them.

When the worthless Gaspar Vega and other UDP Ministers are scurrying around in Immigration offices trying to steal a win, they are wasting their time. When General Elections are called, the people will speak, and this UDP crowd will be booted out of office, and more than a few of them, no doubt, will be facing life after politics looking through the bars of a jail cell. Wait for it.