A Tale of Two Conventions: Andre Perez for Belize Rural South


The People’s United Party is offering Andre Perez as Standard Bearer to be a duly-elected representative for the constituency of Belize Rural South. This is namely San Pedro, Caye Caulker and nearby cayes. In the past week the incumbent and inept Area Representative, Manuel Heredia, showed why he is not an option and how he is in continual denial of his short comings. Heredia hosted his endorsement convention at the Saca Chispas facility renamed some years ago in an effort to do something for the field. That is all that was done because 7 million dollars later the place is a virtual swimming pool whenever it rains. For his convention it had to be refilled to save some face. There is no comparison but still we will offer the pictures.

Andre Perez’ Convention
Manuel Heredia’s ‘Convention’

At the end of his endorsement convention, Heredia showed San Pedro where is heart really is. In a carefully orchestrated GRAND Finale with chispas and all erupting, he blared to the world, “Que viva el Partido Unido del Pueblo.” That video is viral on Fb. Watch it! Vote Andre Perez and the People’s United Party.