Belly of the Beast


They broke Patrick

It was a sad thing to see. The UDP broke poor Patrick. They broke his spirit. John’s ‘shindig,’ as Patrick called it, and the fact that everybody is deserting his sinking ship, was enough to send Patrick over the edge. When he spoke at a function Tuesday, he was a broken man, maybe even a man under the influence, because that sucker was behaving just the way he did when he boasted about using Petrocaribe to buy rum and tacos, and back then he was high as a kite. At the UWI function, Patrick was supposed to talk about risks and challenges facing youth, and how to mitigate them. God only knows how Patrick got into talking about John’s ‘shindig,’ and how they think they can intimidate him, and how he won’t go down without a fight. Hell, he even got into the delegates and the convention and, at one point, lost it completely and seemed to be begging the students to vote for him at the convention. Honestly, we have no love for Patrick. None at all. But it was a sad thing to see, the day his spirit snapped under the weight of betrayal and hurt. Sad thing indeed.

Political hit

Remember that it was here in this same column that we told you about the political hit put out on Faber? Remember we told you about a recording of an allegedly inebriated Faber claiming that the first thing he would do as leader would be to put a stop to the Barrow legacy of fleecing the country, and get rid of all Barrow’s greedy cronies. He said it, not us. That recording made its way to DOB, we are told, and the rest is history. Maybe you didn’t believe us then. Do you believe us now? Even Finnegan, a Faber supporter but much more a Barrow fanatic, jumped ship and publicly endorsed Saldivar. The word has gone out. If you support Faber, you will be excommunicated and your hands will be taken out the cookie jar, so to speak. So was the decree from up high. And what happened Sunday at porky pig’s convention was a public flogging of Faber, designed for maximum humiliation. Put a fork in Faber. That sucker is done.

Corruption Cartel

But it’s more than just a political hit. What it is, if we can be so bold, is the corruption cartel closing ranks. See, here at the Belize Times we will give the devil his due. Faber can’t handle his liquor, and his immaturity is through the roof. He’s a child in a boy’s body, frankly. And when he drinks, he allegedly loves to beat women. Unacceptable. But this devil, Faber, isn’t known for hustling, at least not openly and greedily and brazenly like his colleagues. And that is a problem for those in the UDP who have gotten used to the hustling, and for whom hustling has become a way of life. Before politics these top-shelf UDPs were nothing. Now they are all multi-millionaires. And they didn’t get that way from their minister’s salaries. It’s the truth. So these UDPs are circling the train around Saldivar because he, on the other hand, isn’t exactly known for his morals and integrity, and if he becomes leader of the party, it is envisioned that the feeding frenzy will continue. Faber, Deputy Prime Minister, the second most powerful man in the country said it of his own colleagues just Tuesday – “…politicians are corrupt by the way and I don’t have problem saying it. Yes, there is a lot of corruption.” You better believe he’s going to get in trouble for that one.

Bless her soul

Sista B is such a hard-working woman. We love her work-ethic. There she was at the Convention on Sunday, and while everybody was partying and having a good time, she was working. Must have had some important office thing or the other to finish up. Everybody was bashing and Sista B was caught on camera with box of envelopes in hand, counting them out. Never a political thought in that woman’s head, just work. Must have been some important letters in those envelopes that she didn’t have time to send out at the office. We refuse to believe those terrible rumours that those envelopes contained cash to pay ‘supporters’ for showing up. Not our beloved Sista B. Never.

UB Students Unite

If the UDP was all set and ready to write off $40,000 for Joshua Perdomo, then we figure they can do the same for the debts owed by UB students who have been threatened with de-registration because they can’t pay their fees. Perdomo’s father was a Minister at the time, and remains a privileged and highly paid member of the UDP Government. These students who are struggling to pay their fees aren’t so blessed with privilege. Mr. Barrow, the people are waiting. What is good for the fat red goose must be good for the gander, right?