Belly of the Beast


$100M Missing

You know, here at the Belize Times we always liked Joe Waight. He seemed like such a straight up guy. But you know that old saying – you hang out with dogs you’ll catch their fleas. This week, Joe Waight was forced to admit in Court that the Barrow Administration can’t account for $100 MILLION dollars which it spent years ago. According to Waight, it just slipped them. Can somebody please explain to us how $100 MILLION can just ‘slip’ you? What kind of sorcery is that? The PUP warned them, way back when they were spending money like Ali Baba and the 40 thieves. Back then Petrocaribe was rolling. We can remember the boy who wants to be Prime Minister, high as a kite, boasting about using Petrocaribe money to buy rum and pibil tacos. We can remember Dean Barrow, bad back and all, dancing at the National Assembly, grinning like a loon cause Petrocaribe was rolling, rolling. Where’s the money now? You know who will have to pay all that back? We will. That’s why we are being taxed on everything, to pay for the UDP’s excesses. Mr. Barrow better go find that $100 MILLION, quick, fast and hurry. Though we figure he’d look quite spiffy in attire provided by the Belize Central Prison boutique. That’s our story and we’re sticking to it.

Believe them…

Like the proverbial ‘dolly-house’ crumbling, the UDP house of cards is taking some hard hits lately, and from their own. First it was Deputy Prime Minister Patsy Faber who blasted his own colleagues for their rampant corruption. Faber has long been saying that all is not well in the UDP. He has been saying that the UDP needs a good purge. He has said there is no integrity and honesty in the UDP anymore. He said it, not us. But we believe him. He is the fish from ‘riva battam,’ and if he says the UDP is corrupt, then you can take that to the bank. And then Mark King weighed in. King is the good, good UDP who famously said – UDP first, Belizeans second and PUP last. Remember him? Well he is saying the UDP is messed up, fielding candidates who are women beaters, whose names have been called in a murder trial and who are convicted felons. Hmmm. What a hell of a thing. And it’s true. Here at the Belize Times, we have always maintained that the truth will always come to light, and the people shining the light on the UDP are the people who know exactly what they’re talking about. Best believe that.

Crooked Castros

You know that saying – that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree? Well it’s true. And in the case of Edmond and his boys, the tree is rotten and the apples are as rotten as they get. You know we don’t advocate violence. It’s not our way. But some people sure need to be taught some hard lessons. This time around it’s Wasani, who reportedly informed the Police that they can’t touch him – not the first time they’ve told Police that. And more than that, the punk allegedly decided that it was okay to assault a senior female Police officer. This is one of those times when we wouldn’t have shed a tear if he slipped and hit his head on a Police baton. Know what we’re saying? The Castro boys are nothing but trouble, ever since daddy became a Minister and can offer them some protection. It’s not the first time they’ve tried to bully the Police, and somehow they always seem to be protected and the charges disappear. This time Wasani picked the wrong cop. Kudos to them for standing up. There’s another saying about a fat fowl. Sunday is soon coming for all the Castros. Wait for it.


This dengue thing is no joke. For the first time in Belize, five persons have died. That is scary. We don’t play politics with people’s health, but the Ministry of Health really slipped up on this one. They weren’t prepared, and even after it was clear that this was a serious, unprecedented outbreak, the Minister and his CEO, probably more concerned with other lucrative stuff, were asleep at the wheel. Health facilities were overrun by patients from the very beginning, and could not handle it. Testing kits ran out a long, long time ago. After a while it was just a matter of looking at the symptoms and saying yeah, looks like you have dengue. This thing is deadly, and the Ministry is still silent. The truth is that Pablo and his CEO don’t have a clue about healthcare. Remember when 13 babies died at the KHMH and the Prime Minister was asked about Pablo? He said that Pablo was winning elections in Corozal Bay, and that was good enough for him. Remember? Good thing this crew is on the way out. Fuh real.