Belly of the Beast



The Belize Times sends condolences to the family of those who lost their lives in a terrible RTA on Wednesday. Four Belizeans were killed, and three tourists. We extent our heartfelt prayers to the Wade and Alcoser families, and to the families of the tourists. We would never use tragedy for political play, but we need to say at this point that the Barrow administration was given millions and millions of dollars for a Road Safety program. They turned around and awarded contracts to political cronies who became overnight contractors, like Imer Hernandez and Denny Grijalva. Our roads are poorly constructed, with broken shoulders, slick when it rains because of the substandard materials used and poorly marked, where they are marked at all. We have to do better than this. No amount of kickbacks from hustling or bloated contracts is worth a life. And that’s the truth.


The former Deputy Prime Minister, Gaspar Vega, who we feel should be publicly flogged every time he dares to show his face in public, said it publicly. Without shame, he said that Imer Hernandez is no doubt getting contracts because he is Vega’s nephew. Imer has not built one road in the country which has not already deteriorated. He has not built one culvert which has not broken up. He was given millions for the municipal airstrip and the runway at Caye Caulker, and both have already deteriorated. And yes, the Prime Minister said he is a good contractor. We at the Belize Times understand that he is getting the $49MILLION to replace the Haulover Bridge. Imer has never built or replaced a bridge – EVER. We also understand that he is getting millions more for work on the $180M road to Caracol, and millions from the Coastal Road. We know, because sources in the Ministry tell us, that Imer’s bids are being pushed through, so that he is getting jobs over reputable contractors with many years of experience. Imer and those who are facilitating this corruption at the highest levels better enjoy it while they can, because their mansions will very quickly be replaced by 6X6 accommodations as guests of her Majesty when government changes. And you can take that to the bank.


Belizeans get ready. Elections will be very soon. We know, because the UDP has been issuing contracts left, right and center to selected persons. Everybody knows that for this corrupt Barrow administration, it is all about kickbacks and hustling. But now it is about elections, and the UDP is using money from all these contracts to pad their war chest so that they can attempt to buy elections again, as they have before. Even the Taiwanese government knows that, and that’s why they made the decision to give the contract for the Sarteneja/Progresso road to a Taiwanese company which will have the strictest oversight. They know what the UDP is all about. Everybody does. The UDP has been shameless in its corruption. The Minister of Works turned from pauper to multi-millionaire in a hurry. Hell, we hear even his CEO has a huge mansion with a swimming pool. All that will come crashing down on their heads, in a hurry. And they WILL have to account for all those millions.


Long-time UDP thug and low-level political operative Brian ‘Yellowman’ Lord has been fired by the man he once called friend, our very own Patsy Faber. Pats has been feeling the heat after the PM pulled the plug on his hopes and aspirations and threw his weight solidly behind Faber’s opponent, porky pig from Belmopan. One by one, the UDP rats have been deserting the sinking ship, and Patsy is trying to strike out how he can. Yellow took to social media to blast Faber, talking about him being petty and vicious and small minded, and even confused about his sexuality. Yellow was saying that no man like that should be leader of the UDP. Shortly after, we were told, he received a call to take off the part about ‘sexual confusion,’ since many people wouldn’t know exactly who he was talking about. See, people haven’t forgotten those infamous ‘boxers parties’ at Mason’s hilltop home. We also haven’t forgotten that disgusting picture of porky nude that we promised never to ever talk about again because it was too disturbing. This race for UDP leadership is too hilarious. And many in the know are saying that while it appears that Saldivar will win, Faber has a few trump cards up his sleeve.