Thursday, November 14, 2019

The news that Candice Miller, former Administrator at the Belize City Council, was overwhelmed by greed to the point that she decided to circumvent the Court process and crow-foot the Council’s assets, should come as no surprise. Candice is a UDP. She was a UDP political appointee at the Council. She worked strictly for the UDP, and not for the people of Belize, and she continues to do the bidding of the UDP. And she is a perfect UDP – greedy, uncaring and shameless.

At the Belize Times, we take great issue with the ruling of Justice Abel, but we also understand that he is looking strictly at the legalities, and not the politics. Any observer can tell you that Candice was visible at many UDP political functions, in her bright red shirt, working for her Party. There was no shame in her game. What former UDP Mayor Darrel Bradley did was a travesty, raising her pay by tens of thousands of dollars and extending her contract well beyond the life of the UDP Council, just a couple months before elections. What that was, very simply, was a fleecing of public coffers to benefit a UDP loyalist – nothing more than that.

There is an unspoken rule in politics, adhered to by persons who are elected politically. Whenever there are elections, and your Party loses, you pack up your desk and leave. That is the honourable thing to do. But there was no honour in Candice Miller. She wanted to stick around at the Council, collecting a huge salary and likely doing all in her power to undermine the work of the new PUP Council. And when she demonstrated her incompetence, and her disloyalty to the new municipal administration, and was terminated, she decided to go with a bang, gouging the people of Belize for almost half a million dollars. That is shameless hustling, and at the people’s expense.

Sources in the UDP tell us that Miller is being encouraged by higher-ups in her Party who want to see the PUP administration fail. The simple fact of the matter is that if the Council finds almost half a million dollars to pay Miller, it will be taxpayer dollars, and the people of Belize City will suffer. As bailiffs under Miller’s instructions have crow-footed heavy equipment and office equipment used to serve the residents of Belize City, it is those residents who will suffer.

It is way past time that legislation be passed which prohibits the awarding of contracts to political appointees, past the term of a Council, or past the term of a Party. It is unethical, immoral and it should be illegal. It is one way in which political officers can be rewarded for being Party loyalists, but now with the new administration in office footing the bill – and it is a bill paid by the people, make no mistake about that. The People’s United Party, when getting into office very soon, will move to enact such legislation.

There are employees in every government department, and every municipal administration who are honourable persons with integrity, who work for the benefit of the people of Belize. They are competent, efficient and they serve country first, not party. These are the persons who should be granted security of tenure. But then there are persons like Candice who are shamelessly political and serve their party brazenly and boldly and openly. They are incompetent because they follow only the instructions of their political masters, and do what is best for their party, and not for the country and the people. These are persons who should never have security of tenure. Like their political bosses, they should come and go.

Candice has no shame, but she will pay the price for her greed. The people of Belize will never forget.