Belizeans are by nature a peaceful and patient people, oftentimes too much so.  It takes a lot to rile up the ire of Belizeans.  It seems however, that Senator Aldo Salazar knows exactly what buttons to push to elicit just this reaction. As we approach the second anniversary of the conclusion of the Inquiry of the Senate Special Select Committee the National Trade Union Congress of Belize (NTUCB) has begun to question when, if ever we might expect a report from its Chairman Senator Aldo Salazar.  His response to the query is nothing short of absurd… “The exigencies of my professional life, as well as my personal life and so on, have not allowed me to complete it.  That’s not to say that it won’t be completed, or that’s not an excuse.  But that is the reality, I am working on it.  That’s all I can say.”  It most definitely sounds like a poor excuse for failure to complete an assigned task which has cost Belizeans almost half a million dollars and forty one hearings over the span of fourteen months.

These so called urgent matters that have prevented the good senator from the fulfilment of his duties are many.  After all, he and his business partner Ricardo Pelayo, who was the CEO of the now debunked Atlantic International Bank (AIB), own/worked at several companies all of which provided services to investors who were eventually victims of the Sanctuary Bay scam.  These companies, the ones we are aware of include: Atlantic International Corporate Services, Professional Advisory Service and Premier Accounting Services.  This is in addition to his law firm Salazar and Associates, his role as Senator and his duties as Chairman of the Senate Special Select Committee.  The good senator has also been derailed by his brief detention and questioning by the Federal Trade Commission in relation to the AIB for whom he was the legal representative, not in relation to immigration matters as was previously reported.

To say that Senator Aldo Salazar has his plate full would be an understatement.  He certainly has kept very busy, and no doubt is beginning to realize he may have bitten off more than he can chew.  However, that is of no consequence to the Belizean public who demand answers.  In light of the recent changes in the Immigration Department and the promotion of a new Director of Immigration the report on the findings of the Special Select Committee are now more urgent than ever especially given the fact that already pictures have surfaced of Ministers visiting the Immigration Department in Belmopan, perhaps in preparation of the coming election year.  The report is necessary because unless it is tabled, there will be no one to hold accountable for the gross breach of law and ethics that led to the questionable nationalization of hundreds if not thousands of immigrants.

These practices if left to continue unabated will cost Belizeans our Democracy!  The past COMPOL refused to act on a Writ of Mandamus handed down by Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin in 2014 to investigate Elvin Penner for violations of the Belize Passport Act and Belize Nationality Act.  The current COMPOL has also brushed that particular incident under the proverbial rug, content instead to focus his energies on a police song competition in collaboration with political aspirant Shyne Borrow.  Just as we continue to wait for the final report from the Chairman of the Special Select Committee on Immigration, we wait also for the COMPOL to act.  Belizeans are tired of waiting…tired of the unimaginative excuses, the inaction and the apathy of this GOB and its minions.  Belizeans demand results and answers now!