OJ Rogue UDP


Thursday, November 14, 2019

The past week, the UDP’s Orson Elrington, who has deluded himself into believing that he actually has a chance against the PUP powerhouse Francis Fonseca in Freetown, was caught acting the fool – something he does more often than not. Elrington appears to be doing everything possible to earn the moniker Unguided Missile Jr.

According to a release from the Belize City Council, Elrington removed two backboards from the rims on the basketball court, and also painted his name on the Court. It is believed that after heated discussion with himself somewhere in his pea-brain, Elrington convinced himself that he has the authority to paint his name on facilities in Freetown, despite the fact that the responsibility for all the parks and playgrounds in the city belongs to the Belize City Council.

But in a move which is politically bizarre, but not surprising, Elrington took to social media to accuse the City Council of removing the backboards to spite him. Imagine that! The Council, in its release, explained that it hardly had the time to engage in such brazen politicking, pointing out that despite Elrington behaving like he has all authority to do what he will in the park, without the permission of the Council, it had even offered him garbage receptacles and cleanup after the event.

In its release, quite rightly, the Council stated that there should never and will never be politics in sports, as far as it is concerned, and advised Elrington to stop wasting time on social media antics and outright lies.

PUP Area Representative Francis Fonseca also weighed in via release, reminding Elrington that every basketball court, every football field and every park in Belama Phases 1-3 were built under the PUP. “Despite this fact, you will not find a single Francis Fonseca sign on any sports facility in Freetown nor will you find any sports facility painted in PUP party colors. Francis Fonseca’s position has always been and remains that POLITICS HAS NO PLACE IN SPORTS.”

This is not the first time that Elrington has been caught red-handed playing the idiot. He did the same thing during basketball tournaments hosted by Caribbean Shores’ Kareem Musa, back when he was contemplating running in that division.

We at the Belize Times feel the same about Elrington, as does the Belize City Council. He is hardly worth writing about, and he is a total waste of time as a politician. His arrogance is misplaced, as is his delusion of grandeur. We are grateful that the people of Freetown have seen through his lies and shameless politicking, and we are confident that they know the calibre of Francis Fonseca, and the mettle of this fool who misrepresents the UDP in that division.