Questions to the Ministers

  1. Will the Minister of Immigration please say if he or anyone in his Ministry is involved in negotiations to offer humanitarian assistance to migrants who want to voluntarily return to their home countries and that this project will be implemented in Guatemala and Belize?
  2. Will the Members of Cabinet please say if they were listening to the Special Sitting of the Children’s Parliament and, if so, are they in agreement with the sentiments expressed by the children that young Belizeans are dissatisfied with their government?
  3. Will the Prime Minister please inform Belizeans if he intends to enter a defence in the case that is presently being heard in the Supreme Court which is challenging the manner in which the Prime Minister and his Government has spent over a billion dollars of public funds without prior approval from the National Assembly?
  4. Considering that during the Special Sitting of the Children’s Parliament that Orange Walk North has a representative seated in the House of Representatives and, also considering the fact that the elected representative Gaspar Vega, who is being paid by the Belizean tax payers has not been to a House Meeting in years, will the Prime Minister as the leader on the Government side, say if he will now insist that Vega attend meetings of the House of Representatives?