Questions to the Ministers

  1. Will the Prime Minister say how much of taxpayer money will be given to UDP caretakers as Christmas Cheer and if so, will the Prime Minister say under which law is he allowed to give taxpayers’ dollars to non-elected representatives in the name of the people?
  2. Considering the millions of Petro-Caribe funds that were invested in the improvement of the San Pedro Football Field and docking area and also considering the amount of work that was recently done in that area to prepare for the endorsement convention of UDP Standard Bearer Manuel Heredia, will the Minister of Tourism please say how much funds were used for the improvement of the recently upgraded field and where did the money for this improvement project come from?
  3. Will the Minister of Works please inform Belizeans of the tendering process for the construction of the bridge at Haulover and will the Minister also say how Imer Hernandez, whose poor workmanship is evident in both the Faber’s Road Project and the Orange Walk Highway Rehabilitation project, could win such an important and expensive project?
  4. Will the Prime Minister and Minister of Finance please provide the Belizean people with the value of government contracts that have been handed out to a relative of former Minister Gaspar Vega, Imer Hernandez, and will the Prime Minister also confirm if such contracts valued in the hundreds of millions of dollars?