The Grinch Who Stole Christmas


This week was full of surprises as the Belize City Council was beat to the punch by former City Administrator Candice Miller when she filed and was granted an Execution of Judgment fourteen days after the Supreme Court handed down a ruling in her favour absolving her of gross neglect of her duties.  The Belize City Council had twenty one days in which to file an appeal.  This latest development means that assets belonging to the Citco and by extension the residents of Belize City have been seized and will be sold off to satisfy the gargantuan debt. Ms. Miller has long since moved on to greener and more fertile pastures…no doubt contentedly sipping on her favourite Ménage à Trois wine paid for, this time, by the KHMH where she is now the Human Resources Manager and is raking in a six-figure salary yearly for the length of her two year contract.

The selection of items seized at first seems random and nonsensical.  However, it is only upon closer inspection that it can be ascertained that it was done with cold calculation and precision in order to exact the most damage financially, politically and to the daily operations of the Belize City Council.  This move is aimed at the heart and soul of Belize City and means to kill the already downtrodden morale and joy of residents who are plagued by poverty, unemployment and crime.  The council had a hard time in locating that same equipment that had been missing and which the very same Ms. Miller could not account for during her time as City Administrator.  The kidnapping of the City’s Christmas tree, however, is a new low and is an act of extreme spite.  “Cindy Lou Who: Santa, what’s the meaning of Christmas?  The Grinch: Vengeance!”

Ms. Miller was a politically appointed employee at City Council.  It stands to good reason that the life of her contract should never have extended beyond the mandate of the council that employed her.  As a matter of principle, ethics, reason and good judgment, all of which she is sadly lacking, Ms. Miller should have tendered her resignation to the newly elected mayor and left after a mutually agreed on transition period.

Despite the court rulings, as the PM Borrow has often repeated “factual guilt is not the same thing as legal guilt.”  Therefore, we must consider that when Ms. Miller made out the check for the payment of Joe Bradley’s unauthorized $6,361.00 fry chicken and beer spree over at Chon Sing Restaurant, she may have not been guilty of mismanagement and dereliction of duties by law, only perhaps in fact.  Let us further consider that a loan given to a private individual, not a member of the Belize City Council, was left uncollected for over a year, this amounted to factual guilt of non- performance but not necessarily legal guilt.  In the same way failure to alert the Mayor and Council that legal documents needed to be filed in order to prevent the Council from losing close to one million dollars was not legally non-performance, only perhaps factual.

The continuous abuse and corruption has been rampant and glaringly obvious and no amount of legalese can hide, explain or justify the horror.  The UDP certainly have got all their tinsel in a tangle and have sent in their Grinch to do the dirty work of stealing Christmas from Belize City residents.  The UDP have sent their Merry Grinchmas greetings early to Belizeans.  We need to recognize that these methods are vivid and clear reminders of the vindictiveness and arrogance of this UDP government. #dgrinchthiefxmas