The PUP’s Main Expectation from the Claim on the Illegal Spending of 1.3 Billion


The Party Leader Hon. John Briceño and the Hon. Julius Espat and the PUP are expecting a landmark ruling this coming January 21, 2020 in the Supreme Court. The Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin will pronounce on the claim against the Prime Minister Dean Barrow as Minister of Finance, absent during the case, the Financial Secretary and the Attorney General. During the late November 2019 trial and under oath, the Financial Secretary could do nothing but reveal that there was actually 1.4 BILLION of taxpayer dollars spent without government approval at the time of the spending. Most of this was approved retrospectively except for 100,000,000 (that’s 100 Million) dollars which was attributed to “slippage.” The Financial Secretary, most likely to the PM’s chagrin, spoke of the Ministry of Finance having a very small staff so this slip was not of consequence. The people will rule on that.

Of course, we can all remember Pibil on Corozal Bay by Faber, Christmas Cheers, 2015 General elections, 2012 General Elections, and BTL & BEL Utilities but there is nothing to prove since there is no accountability and transparency—at least none provided.

There was ‘slippage’ of money through the cracks no doubt and that would amount to gross corruption beyond incompetence at the Ministry of Finance akin the Ministry of Lands that was accused of being THE hotbed. In 20-20 hindsight, Lands was only copycatting Finance. Gapi, Barnett, Hulse and Patt can allude to ‘no watch me, watch yu self.’

Christmas is coming again and elections are looming once more. What will the PM offer his ministers? 50? 100 thousand? Appropriated?

The Hon. John Briceño expressed maybe the most important expectation from the lawsuit. These are his words:

“For us, it is very important to set a precedent now, for this government and for future governments, to ensure that this does not happen again. We have every confidence that the next government is going to be a government led by the PUP. And, we want to make sure that that does not happen in our government.”