The Prime Minister of Belize, Dean Barrow, has done another terrible thing. What he has done would certainly cause President Donald Trump to urge Belizeans to “lock him up.” Trump called for Hillary Clinton to be locked up for erasing a large quantity of government emails.

Dean Barrow, without any legal authority, has been spending millions upon millions of the people’s monies. This could never happen anywhere else.

Thanks to the opposition People’s United Party, Belize will be hailed as a nation which is seriously taking the fight against corruption. A Supreme Court case has been brought by the Party Leader, Hon John Briceño and Hon. Julius Espat to let Belizeans and the world know that what Dean Barrow had been doing is wrong, illegal, immoral and worthless.

Big kudos are deserving for the Auditor General, Mrs. Dorothy Bradley for her bravery in standing up to Barrow and refusing to be intimidated. She has been documenting his unlawful activities in writing, in her reports to the National Assembly, about what he has been doing to this country’s finances. Imagine the man who promised Belizeans accountability and transparency. How he took us for fools, but the truth is coming out. Malcolm X had said “the chickens are coming home to roost”.

The Financial Secretary, that poor creature forced to swallow all the illegalities and abuse of public funds, testified in the Supreme Court case on Wednesday this week.

Under a blistering cross examination by Eamon Courtney, the Financial Secretary had to admit that his boss, Dean Barrow, knew the monies were being spent illegally.

There are so many illegal things that Dean Barrow is being accused of. His name is now stink out da road.

Imagine, this is the man that promised the Unions, the churches, the business community, the police, army and nurses, the voters and young people that if they vote him into office, he will fight corruption, he will make sure his government practices accountability and transparency. Now he is being exposed in the Supreme Court.

Now he will be like the Emperor in the story ‘The Emperor’s New Clothes’. Whenever the Emperor appeared in public he thought he was dressed in the finest of attire. Instead, all the people saw he was naked. All Belizeans are seeing Dean Barrow for what he is really is.

At the next sitting of the House of Representatives let we the people hear a Motion condemning, in the strongest of language, this gross abuse of office and unforgivable violations of our laws. Let us hear what Faber and Saldivar have to tell the nation. Don’t be afraid Honourables, the time has come to get rid of Dean Barrow, the white wash sepulcher.

Belizeans want to know if, when government changes, will the new Prime Minister John Briceño have Dean Barrow arrested and charged.


If the Prime Minister cared about our Garifuna brothers and sisters, Dangriga wouldn’t be so poor and neglected. The important road link from Mile 30 on the Western Highway to Mile 7 on the Hummingbird Highway would have been built long ago.

There would have been a sewing factory in Griga. The hemp business would be underway there, creating plenty jobs. Every child would be in school, every young person would have scholarship for College, Sixth Form and UB. Agriculture and fishing would be booming. Millions of dollars being wasted and stolen. But no money for Garinagu.


Karla, Karla, where did you go wrong?

Last two weeks your name bubbled to the surface. Out of the cauldron it came, from whence your other colleagues are stuck, a few good, a few others rotten and crooked to the core, the rest sticky and slimy. How did you end up mixed up in this.

The government is seen as a gang of criminals. Nothing good can come out of them.

Imagine girl, your presence is of no comfort. The crookedness has spread like a cancer, like HIV. You let us down and you let down yourself.

Even in a simple matter like the chairperson for the Water Boards in Stann Creek you behaved typical UDP; arrogant, lacking principle and full of yourself. As Honourable Rodwell Ferguson, the elected Area Representative publicly pointed out, not a single person from the dozens and dozens of elected PUP Village Councils were appointed by you.

Shucks madam, you are just another cheap, no good politician. How easy you have become contaminated by the forces of wickedness which surrounds you. You are a collaborator.

P.S. You looked silly and sounded stupid trying to answer the questions at the children’s Parliament on Wednesday.


The crime and corruption that is plaguing Belize continues unabated. Every week, every weekend, the bad news just keeps destroying our country.

Ed. Note: The opinion expressed in the article above is of the author and not necessarily that of the PUP.