UDP Infamy: BTL and its Gross Mismanagement


In the dark of night of August 24, 2009, Dean Barrow and the then ‘recently’ elected UDP forcibly snatched ownership of BTL in an effort to pre-empt any and all court decisions. Barrow has been legendary for seeking to distort made rulings, actual law and fixing any law to retroactively suit himself. Yes, only for himself, is usually his forte. He even married on the anniversary of the February 7, 2008 elections in which the PUP and Belize lost. Just to be spiteful, he even left Belize to have a Savannah nuptials since Belize is not worthy of his wedding.

His forcible expropriation of BTL was not for Belize’s sake. It was for Barrow’s sake. His devil-guided mind missioned meaningless litigation and more litigation. These were lost someway, somehow by his still-paid family or ex-family gaggle of attorneys. The amount of millions they collected is still up for forensic audit but it is definitely an indecent number to the hard working peasants of Belize.

The BTL day that will live in the annals of UDP infamy is in September of 2015. This is just prior to his calling once more for an early election—making him an incomplete and utter failure of a Prime Minister who reigned over Gapi Land Taker, Pablo Unhealthy Pharma Empire, Castro’s ineptitude and corruption, Boots socks, Figueroa’s River, Saldivar’s Mason,  Faber’s Misogyny, and Sanctuary Bay in which all the cabinet were in the loop.

In that fateful September 2015 Miami hotel meeting with the lord, whom he faked so many times to despise, Barrow secretly settled for BTL to the tune of HALF a Billion dollars with a poorly drafted agreement from that excellent law firm Barrow and Williams.

It was obvious. He settled, just like with Sanctuary Bay in the Summer 2019, cause he had a losing case. He lost a case again. He settled and went directly into Elections so that if he lost the elections then he, Barrow would have creamed the BTL spoils of expropriation to the maximum. If they would win the 2015 PetroCaribe elections, then he would have a telephone company to continue milking for Anwar who refuses to cut off the cord.

The spending spree with BTL thus continued. Profits to shareholders were nearly nil. Millions were borrowed with sovereign guarantees for upgrades which is another way of getting kickbacks; the main other is infrastructure.

Now in 2019, BTL is allegedly seen owing some 50 million in taxes, inclusive of penalties, which is being sorted out in an audit that has lasted as long as Trump’s. The GST audit on BTL just keeps going and going.

After a rebranding effort in order to fool the people with the same services but just be more expensive-looking, BTL’s Tesecum concedes that they are not ready for all the changes in technology the world is offering. They are profiting only 17 million which is 24 percent lower than anticipated.

After 500 Million plus have been poured into BTL the people expect a company par excellence and not complaining about competition.

As is usual with these UDP infamies there are always resignations, at every level up to political, that should be at the heart of any revival. Who is the Minister of Utilities? Dean Oliver Barrow. Surprised? And, as is usual with the ignoble UDP, there is just a sneer and let’s move on, nothing happened. And by the way, they are dangling the idea of borrowing even more millions.

If you spent 500million plus of the people’s money and you are making only a few million a year, when will BTL completely pay back the Belizean people? When???