UDP Infamy: Victimization


The infamy of turning hardworking Belizeans into victims is definitely one that history will paste all over the UDP’s slimy walls. The victimization of anyone who even wore blue was tantamount to sin and probably beyond lawfulness. When the Prime Minister of our jewel will shameless say it is the UDP’s turn to enjoy the spoils of the election victory, it is high crime spilling over. There are no spoils; election victory came after the PM promised ALL of Belize to rid Belize of corruption one slice at a time and sharply protected.

There was no promise of some Belizeans being more equal than others. There was no promise of lawsuits gone wild with fees being collected by the Barrows. Even lawyers were victimized since suddenly they saw all the juicy government cases going to a few. Were the Sanctuary Bay fees not good enough?

Land leases received from the government prior to 2008 General Elections fell victim to abnormal processing and the PM’s horrible and infamous Quitar.  Along with the abnormal Gapi they went ahead to rid hard working Belizeans of their land leases. A Quitar that people wish to hear about today is 800 Thousand from Andre Vega and Sharon Pitts. Gapi Vegas’s coconut trees are definitely planted on the wrong piece of real estate. These should have been shared with the farmers of Belize. Poor land owners are also VICTIMS of the UDP’s ruthless administration and their Get Rich scheme.

The companies that were used to bidding and competing for the building of roads and infrastructure suddenly found that Imer Hernandez was getting the better of the tenders. If you were even marginally affiliated to the PUP you could forget any contract. The abuse of the tendering process has been there for 12 long years. This was victimization at its best.

No one will ever forget the working mothers that worked as school wardens. They were unceremoniously given the boot by, now seeking leadership, Faber. He shamelessly admitted that it was the turn of the UDP to get jobs. This was probably even illegal but who cared? Any protest was met with a giant wall. The UDP did not care that they were given a mandate to work for everyone and transparently. Victimization became common place in Belize and almost normalized as what to expect from the UDP government. There was no one to turn to.

Even our PUP leaders were victimized with trumped up charges. These were quickly quashed as having no basis by the courts. The UDP spent their first 100 days and beyond victimizing and forgot to attempt to govern. After 12 years it can be surmised that Belize received a Trumpian administration in 2008—incompetent, petty and corrupt.

Belizeans today are hopeful that a new PUP government will redeem the victimized to a glorious path of flourishing under the shade of a Belize that will work for everyone.