The Prime Minister of Belize spent a dirty dozen years at his filthiest during House of Representative meetings. There he mistook immunity with impunity as he blasted his way into debate rebuttal infamy

The three time failure transformed the Prime Ministership into a bona fide bully pulpit where seemingly he felt divinely untouchable. There he destroyed, eviscerated and skewered the notion that parents could allow their children to listen to a Prime Minister’s House presentation or rebuttal.

In March 2010, he called to a PUP member of the House a Jackass. Belizeans gasped as the beep less comment entered their living room. This acrimony leaves no doubt as to why the UDP is not interested in anti-bullying legislation. Much like why the UDP has no Contractor General under contract, they do not need anyone obstructing UDP Injustice.

To be fair to Donkeys, these are hardworking animals who should be respected by the Prime Minister. He should not automatically think that hurling a Donkey nickname, Jackass, would be tantamount to an insult. Such action renders him dumb and not the only the architect of the insult.

During his Fight-To-Clear-himself presser, the PM, unbeknownst to himself, slighted many normal Belizeans. When he was NOT saying that the FTC was incompetent or lying he was saying that their, the FTC’s, documented court submissions were “not even heresay, dis dah yeriso”. What is clear here is that he meant subliminally that the creole word was insulting but the English equal was ok.

Heresay better than yeriso was his first version of ‘campesino better than peasant’.

Back to his preferred locale for his bastion of insults, during the 2019 Village Council Elections he attempted to castigate Hon. Julius Espat by saying he, Espat, was no campesino but “nothing but a peasant.”

This was rebuked first by Hon. Espat with the assertion that peasants are hard workers. Thereafter, Barrow and the UDP slid faster down in an avalanche of defeat at the rest of the Village Council elections. The defeat that was imminent was magnified by the Belizeans that are in reality hard working peasants who keep our economy going.

Rural Belize ought to be lauded in every way possible. But the UDP only insults, ignores, mal administers, and plunders our rural areas. Just as they do with the rest of Belize. The Village Councils were clear in the message sent to UDP…respect us. The only clearing the UDP is already doing is clearing out and taking their insults.

Bullies will flee the jewel and remain only in the Halls of UDP infamy.