Belize Youth Movement: The Year in Review 2019


By Karim Adle, President

As we prepare to wrap up the year 2019, many of those within the United Democratic Party will begin glorifying the Belize they have created for themselves and their cronies. You see, in 2019 the UDP got rich, new Millionaires were added to their club but sadly, none of these new millionaires on the block are comprised of hard-working Belizean youth who have fought the struggle.

These new millionaires are comprised of the UDP circle, their inner crew that are rotten to the core with corruption and incompetence. You see, 2019 was the year of Imer Hernandez, who else in this country is capable of signing contracts that hover a total of half a billion Belize dollars when the reputation of the works speaks for itself. Notice, in 2019, their own chairman Alberto August decided to add to his repertoire another mansion in the Santa Elena area. As you all can see, there is a clear precedent brewing, one that shows what type of year the UDP had; we can clearly see how life in Belize is set up currently, we can clearly see who is benefitting from the current administration.

They did tell us the Best was yet to come, they just did not mention for whom it would come.

As we approach 2020, Belizeans have the most important decision of the new decade to make. We must decide if we want to continue under this current regime or change course and elect a new party that offers hope, a party that stands for social justice, a party that wants to build a Belize that works for everyone and not just a select few.

We must come home to the PUP, the party that is inclusive of the youth, the women, and the elderly. A party that invests in people and not bloated contracts. As we start the new decade, we must elect better representatives. If we want better, we must elect better! We owe it to our country, to our people and our kid’s future.

I urge all Belizeans, when enjoying the festivities of Christmas and the subsequent New Year to bear in mind the monumental decision that lies ahead in 2020. Register to vote and when the time comes, Vote for a Belize that will work for you, Vote for John Briceño, and Vote for your PUP Standard Bearer.