PUP Brings Cheers


“The holiday season reinforces my belief in the goodness of our people, it strengthens my confidence in our Belizean families, in the generosity of our neighbours, and in our pastoral call to love your neighbor as yourself.” – Hon. John Briceño, excerpt from Christmas Message 2019

We Belizeans are resilient. Even this third brutally unfair UDP economic recession which criminally abuses our people does not break our true Belizean Christmas spirit. The UDP government has forged a Belize that corruptly works only for the UDP, like it or not. But the indomitable People’s United Party is the party of hope and as we wait for the election call, our Representatives and Standard Bearers are bringing our own PUP Christmas Cheer to all our constituencies. The PUP is for real and John Briceño with the PUP representatives and standard bearers embody that hope and the new reality that will soon soothe Belize into a new prosperity.

In the face of escalating crime, Guatemalan attacks on our sovereignty, narcoplanes taking advantage of our radarless skies, less visitors to our shores, a delicate agricultural sector, crumbling recently built overpriced infrastructure, the absence of dignified HealthCare and other UDP administration imposed failures, Belizeans WILL celebrate Christmas. We’ll ignore the government’s recession for a day and tiptoe as we look forward for a new direction and leadership.

In their latest updated report on Tuesday December 10, the SIB revealed that for the last two quarters Belize’s GDP has been negative. Our year is divided and measured economically in four quarters of three months each. UDP has mal administered Belize and thus we have produced less and then it becomes a slippery slope. Unemployment grows. Inflation grows. Poverty balloons. Crime escalates. And Christmas could become dreary for the masses.

In the March 2019 budget speech, the Prime Minister attempted to pre-empt this recession announcement by blaming the industrialized nations for dragging small nations into recessions. Who dragged us down this one PM? The drought and New River which you failed to address in time? Unhinged infrastructure growth/development which you have lauded as equal to Trump’s Border wall? Gross incompetence and multiple Hot beds of corruption embedded in your administration and led by government ministers?

UDP “terminological inexactitudes” abound. Additionally, the PM told the nation in a December 2019 House Meeting that Belize is in no recession. The International Monetary Fund(IMF) had just released their final report on Belize and the term ‘recession’ was not used. BUT, days after that report was released, the SIB revised their third quarterly numbers. Recession has its own Saga.

PM, you keep choosing the wrong side of history to the chagrin of normal Belizeans. But, there is a solution to all this plight. The confidence in you Dean Barrow and the UDP is documented as being NEGATIVE. The solution: Ask Johnny Briceño when he wants you to call Elections. That would be the right and honourable thing to do, Sir. But PM, be quick like with the referendum, the country of Belize is depending on your next move as we move into the New Year—lame ducks must flee.