The President the United States of America has not yet tweeted on the remarkable result of this year’s Miss Universe pageant. At a time of rising white racism in America and Europe, a black South African has won the prestigious title. She is 26 year old Zozibini Tunzi.

Zozibini is the first black woman since 2011 to become Miss Universe.

In 1968 and 1969 a group of young Belizeans formed an organization called UBAD. Coming just a few years after colonial Belize obtained self-government, this was a radical move in our history. The United Black Association for Development became the biggest mass movement of young people.           Public meetings held at Pound Yard Bridge and Court House wharf were events attended by thousands upon thousands of young Belizeans.

The speakers spoke in creole. Before this, everyone used proper English when they spoke in public. The UBAD used a lot of slang phrases; “dig it”, knock yu ting brother” ‘jive ass”. They coined new words not found in any dictionary-grabament (government). “Afro-Belizean”, at that time when we were still officially British Hondurans. (sic)

UBAD preached that black was beautiful and that creoles and Garifuna should have pride in themselves and their ancestry. These ideas were transformational, especially for women who had to go through painful changes to be considered acceptable. There were no black Belizeans working at the Banks unless they were janitors. Women used a hot iron to carefully comb their hair so it would look straight. We never saw black people in the movies unless they were nannies or idiot looking types.

UBAD promoted a beauty and talent competition called Miss Afro. They promoted a community bakery which was on Dean Street. They advocated for 18 year-olds to vote in all elections (the law was for 21)   .

They fought for freeing the airways (there was only one government controlled radio station and no television in the country).

They wore Nehru shirts and dashikis, (research those two words). They were big on sports and culture. Their leader was a poet and a writer. Out of UBAD came the Amandala newspaper with its searing editorials.

Needless to say, the two political parties and the system (shitsem) attacked the leadership, it was vicious. They tried to jail the leader known as Evan X Hyde (research the use of X in names). Not once, not twice. The X was even charged for sedition. Google that word to see serious a criminal offense sedition is.

Those were the days my friends, seems like only yesterday. It is clear there will never be another UBAD-type organization in Belize. This young generation has been captured by Facebook, WhatsApp, music videos and all other distractions of Babylon.


We are writing this on Thursday 12th December, 2019. On the 13th of December in the year 1913 a little baby girl was born Leah Harris. She is still alive and still with us.

She will be 106 years on Friday 13th December, 2019. ONE HUNDRED SIX years of age. Awesome! Awesome!

Miss Leah still has her clear memory. She is a wealth of information. She lives on Wagner’s Lane in Belize City with her only child Rita Patnett Sedacy and her grandson Jerome Sedacy. We would want to encourage the Institute of Culture and History to do some sort of documentary or interview on Miss Leah, her life and her times. At 106 she has to be a specially blessed person.

Happy Birthday Leah Patnett.


Anthony Tillett is the latest known victim of rogue Police who beat and chance citizens and get away with it. A video camera exposed the whole episode and thanks to three main television stations- Love FM, 7 and 5, thousands of Belizeans watched the disgusting behavior of two police dressed as military and acting like they are Guatemalan soldiers.

An Assistant Commissioner of Police, in briefing the media on Monday said the matter would be investigated. That is another way of saying that is the end of the matter. Another victim, another bad reputation on our police department.

In reality, there is no Minister, No CEO and no Ministry. There is no oversight of Police. They are a law unto themselves. The purpose of having a Ministry is to correct errors and mistakes and illegal activities of the department under the Ministry. Minister Saldivar and his CEO have the record for remaining silent in the face of a multitude of unprofessional and unlawful actions of police.

Only last week in the Supreme Court of Justice Shona Griffith, the almost complete breakdown of adherence to the Prison Rules and laws was on naked display. There is clearly no accountability and oversight of the prisons. So too is it for the police. Either the problems are too many and or the Ministry has no management system in place. It is pathetic.

Let us also remember Jorde Usher of Georgeville. The 25-year-old jumped off his motorcycle in front of his home. Two police alighted from their vehicle. One pointed a gun at Usher who had his hands up, he turned his face to shout for his Mom who was at home and bang! He gets shot in his face. The Police then goes to his vehicle and drives off. Leaving a fallen, bleeding human being on the ground. He could have bled to death. There are half a dozen witnesses. What did the young man do? His motorcycle did not have license plates. Shucks Minister, police will pull a gun a shoot a person over a minor traffic offence.

No charges have been brought against the Police who is the brother of a high ranking officer. Allegations are the said Police had previously shot a man over a stolen bag of oranges.

Take the case of a female public officer, victim of continuous beatings by her police common-law in Cayo. He lashed her in her head with his police gun, she falls to the ground bleeding. He fires three shots to further terrorize her, then leaves her bawling in pain. She attempts to give a statement to the San Ignacio Police Station and is blankly rejected.

There is really no Ministry, no oversight, and no accountability. Rogue police know they can “go on bad” and nothing will happen to them.

By the way, heard the one about a man detained at Queen Street Police Station for common assault? Rather than suffer a beating he takes his shoe lace and hangs himself. Boy. Oh Boy!

And Commissioner, how you think all the good cops feel when the few rogues are allowed to tarnish their good name?



Last week in the jungle a poisonous snake bit a solder. Time is of the essence. The government hire private helicopter to rescue him and get him to a hospital.

Turned out it was a scorpion sting.

Turns out the army’s two helicopters are not functioning, not one, two. Two are down and out at the same time.

With Admiral John Borland now at the Ministry of Defense as Chief of Staff all these crap will be dealt with.

Could our American friends find a way for the Police to answer to John Borland, the epitome of discipline, professionalism and fairness as well as respect for the civilians and the law?

The opinions expressed in this article are strictly the author’s and not necessarily that of the People’s United Party.