UDP Infamy: Education Act 2012 Amendment


Patrick Faber, with as much experience in Education as Pablo has in Health or Imer has in building roads(Pablo had been in a hospital and Imer had driven a truck on a road), was gifted the Ministry of Education in the Dean Barrow sharing of the spoils of PUP losing the 2008 General Elections. No brain was placed in putting Belize first. Every teacher was suddenly placed on a roulette to qualify after they had spent years on a degree and also in actual teaching. Only the Minister of Education didn’t need to qualify in this Education system. Faber’s mad rush to the UB auditorium continued for 12 years into a Ministry that was roughshod as opposed to academic, disciplined and educational.  The UDP infamy IS that he took Belize as a Guinea Pig and as a personal fiefdom with no real intention nor expertise to push Belize forward.

Faber’s signature move was to churn out a mystical financing formula. The facade was allowing as many students access to a quality education. There was the crux of the problem. The vindictive minister didn’t even try to raise everyone’s standards. No! He had to infamously crush the high performing secondary schools first—by attempting to bring these overachieving schools to their knees.

Faber had a personal vendetta, a certain formula for failure. He did everything to give these overachieving schools less and less resources and hand these to the government schools. Some of the government secondary schools routinely broke recruiting etiquette in order to attempt to get “better” candidates and lure them in by paying all their fees. The problem is that a mass number of students were being forgotten. Also, the 300 dollar subsidy is but a promissory note that doesn’t dent the real cost of attending secondary school.

Non-government secondary schools had to develop more creative ways to get financing. It hurts when you are teaching Belizean kids just like the government schools but a petty Minister snatches your resources instead of praising you for doing well in the last century. No praise was coming for helping the government in the education of the young. The success in the educating the young is the formula to an economically booming nation, lowering of our crime rates, increase in public health and an overall development of the nation.

In 2012, a proposed financial formula had been rejected in so many ways by the teachers, Union and churches. It was Patrick’s core sampler. In this case, the core sampler was not withdrawn. The formula was pushed down the throat of Belize’s Educational system along with the behemoth of a Teacher’ Commission with the stroke of a pen since he, Patrick, was the Minister of Education. Both have been massive failures and at best counterproductive.

Teachers, on paper, are so much more qualified today than ever before YET also, they are disrespected so much more today than ever before. Their pay does not keep pace with the UDP’s suck you dry economy. Teachers need to be careful, whenever they get a miniscule salary adjustment there is a raise of GST, random Tax or/and SSB rate increase, utilities. Not to mention, there has been an increase in the price of living since 2008.

So Faber, up and signs the paper for the heck of it. He might argue he had to appease the World Bank. Teachers/schools might say ‘that is your problem Faber. Stop being petty.’

Faber is still in denial today. He blames everyone for PSE results not showing any progress. This is a definite failure that falls at his laps due to his policy. The UDP will do best out of government now. Belize deserves this.

As is customary, at the end of UDP Infamy there is always a call to resign. In this case, call off your leadership of the UDP. You are still unqualified. You and Saldivar should resign en masse and give the people a chance to help you decide IF there will be any UDP standing to be the leader of the Opposition. There is no more hope for the UDP.