Belly of the Beast


Tick Tock

For a second there this afternoon, there was a distinct smell of roasting Belmopan hog, but in a move reminiscent of his younger days, bad back Barrow jumped to the rescue. Saldivar has now been named in court documents referring to texts between Jacob Kingston and him. Yeah we know the PM said that once there are names he would go look for his rusty old two-sided machete, but who believes that old shyster anyway? See, the thing is that any and everybody with any sense knows that the prosecution in the Lev Dermen case wouldn’t be introducing texts which are innocent as evidence. Say, for example, Lev was trying a Mason move and trying to get into Saldivar’s boxers, that wouldn’t exactly constitute damning evidence, right? So Barrow can bob and weave for as long as his failing health and stamina allow, and Saldivar can sweat himself into a greasy mess. The fact is that the evidence will come to light, and the UDP is done, done, done.

Big Pimping

The guys at the Belize Times decided to take it easy on porky pig this week. We know the fellow has been under a lot of stress, and it’s not exactly like he’s fit as a fiddle. We’re happy to note that he is managing to fit in some recreational breaks though. This week he was spotted way at the back of a Chinese establishment in Belize City, enjoying some quality time with a friend. And we don’t mean Yellow Man, standing guard at the door. We won’t post any pics, because we support this type of recreation, much more than we do those late night boxers’ sessions at Mason’s mansion. In fact, we almost joined him but it seemed right at that moment that three would be a crowd. We got your back buddy.

Bogus Barrow

At this point, we find it amazing that Dean Barrow can still, in this stage of his administration, claim that he has been strong on corruption, and has punished Ministers whenever there has been evidence of corruption. That fool must be loopy in the head. Look at the latest thing with former UDP Minister of State Herman Longsworth. Barrow had the Auditor-General’s report on his desk since October, and did nothing. He knew that the audit had revealed that Longsworth had diverted public monies into his private account, and into the Albert Constituency account. He knew. And when it finally came to light, just this past week, he acted all prissy and prim and proper and pretended to fire Herman Longsworth. Total bullshit. We’d love to have been in that meeting between Longsworth and the PM. We’re totally sure that Longsworth got a great exit package. That’s how it’s done in the UDP. When Penner sold Belizean citizenship to Wonhong Kim for some dirty money, Barrow postured and pontificated and fired Penner, who somehow ended up with prime property in Turneffe and Mountain Pine Ridge – like a lot of prime property. So when it comes to Barrow, just don’t listen to the words that are coming out his mouth. Just don’t.

$5000 Faber

Our friend Patsy has also been accused in the Auditor-General’s report of getting his sticky little fingers on some money which should have gone into a Collet school program. Patrick Henry says he handed patsy cash. Patsy says hell no bro. Ain’t me. We’ll wait to see how this one turns out. Did we mention that the UDP is done done done?