Castro’s Silence


Just before Christmas 2019, the son of Minister Edmond Castro released the vilest and, probably, most criminal social media post in Belizean memory. For reference, this post came just at the heels of Minister Hulse lambasting the media for fully covering his son’s court hearing.  Both incidents were thoroughly disavowed and castigated by all sectors of society. Only the former was “allowed” to be mentioned in the House of Representatives. The PUP led the now long list of individuals and organizations who chimed in their denunciation and more is expected in the first days of the new year.

Misogyny and any violence against women have NO place in Belize. Violence, and in particular violence against our mothers, wives, sisters, aunts, girlfriends and, in general, womanhood, should be decried and reviled whenever it rears its ugly head.

Silence in this social ill perpetuates the ill and renders it dangerously close to normal. Many public figures indirectly but deeply involved in this specific matter are guilty since they remain conspicuously shushed when they should be condemning and denouncing.

But NO, it is not normal and even the silence is sickening. This quiet status must end and there must be a total revocation of this matter. This means that the courts should have a final say as well.

On December 20, Minister Castro removed himself from the National Assembly chambers as the Leader of the Opposition pointed out his son and the aggravating verbal/virtual assault on the Wade’s and virtually on all lawful freedom in Belize. The public cameras panned away from him giving him time to exit the chambers but it was still obvious. The people are watching and in this case imagining. Minister Castro’s next public appearance was no less beside Saldivar and Faber at a BRN Christmas shindig. All are silent about this assault of Belizean freedom.

We hope that the courts will castigate the Jumoke post with all the forcefulness that Belize demands.