Jose Manuel Heredia Overwhelmed


Heredia: “And so I am a little depressed, disappointed with what happened, but that is water under the bridge. (about the Caye Caulker New Year’s Utility Crisis)

Mikes, not Peyrefitte, are definitely enemies of the lowly UDP operatives and Ministers. Pablo, Montero, Figueroa, Aragon, Boots, Elrington, Heredia etcetera keep blurting nonsensical quips that make our millennials wonder how in the world did Belize end up with this gang of nincompoops. The latest UDP headline crisis is the Caye Caulker New Year’s Eve 2019 Utilities Crash. The odds of current and water collapsing at the same day albeit on a New Year’s festivities is HIGH due to the incompetence variable called the UDP. Don’t worry Pablo this scandal might not be your fault. This one is owned and chalked up to ex-fisher, dredger extraordinaire, failed representative, and Tourism industry slayer Jose Manuel Heredia. Walking practically barefooted is well and cultured for a Caye dweller but it gives this Junior Minister a semblance of nonchalance. But that is the raw truth; he cares not for the people of Belize Rural South.

Caye Caulker and San Pedro have been waiting for a promised hospital, choice land, tourism jobs, working utilities and a world-class product to fill the tourists’ expectations. Instead they get a mudhole of a football field instead of a hospital. Instead they get a substandard Caye Caulker runway of the Imer brand. Yes folks, he appeared in the islands as well.

Some folks can remember getting lots that were actually in the lagoon with no Heredia apology. Heredia dredged and filled up the lagoon additionally with garbage and called it a lot.

Heredia said is September 2019: “There is nothing that you can call high land today. Most of it is land that you would have to reclaim. So this area I will visit. Saturday I will be going personally over there and look at the area.” Apparently, he had not even bothered to visit the land he was defending. Would Manuel Heredia build a house on that wet lots?

Of course, Heredia is another of those waiting for the Senate Select Committee Investigating the Auditor General’s suggestions of wrong doings by Heredia and others. He is praying that Aldo Salazar keep on jumping from exigencies to another and missing the report. Heredia testified that he did nothing wrong when he visited immigration offices many times and ignoring the islanders.

One good thing that can be said about Heredia came directly from his mouth. It is best said in spanish since it drew a burst of fire sparkles or chispas. At Heredia’s convention on the 25th November, Heredia saco chispas en la cancha appropriado al dar grito con las palabras, “Que viva el Partido Unido del Pueblo.”

The people of Caulker wish that Manuel goes to a beach and stay there imagining all the possibilities of being a real representative and the opportunity he lost as he wasted the times of San Pedro and Caye Caulker. Tourism is waiting for a real steady hand.