Open Season…UDP On UDP


Thursday, 30 January 2020

The United Democratic Party is in its death throes, gasping for breath, facing certain death as it nears the end of the most corrupt era in the nation’s political history. As the faded remnants of a leader, Dean Barrow, is prepared to be put out to pasture, both Patrick Faber, currently Deputy Prime Minister and John Saldivar, currently the Minister of National Disgrace, have declared open season on each other.

Both Saldivar and Faber have declared themselves winners already, in a UDP convention scheduled for February 9. Both have taken to Facebook where they post daily pictures of themselves posing with assorted UDP Area Representatives and Standard Bearers and delegates. Both have made beguiling videos and songs, both suddenly have all the answers to fix what ails the country and neither is doing the jobs they were hired to do by the Belizean people, not even in perception, how unfortunate.

And both, with the assistance of those that support them, have attacked the other mercilessly in what seems to be a no-holds barred feeding frenzy for leadership. Except that what is quite clear to the Belizean people is that neither is qualified to be leader of a panades shop, much less a country. And what is also quite clear is that based on what is being revealed, neither of the candidates may make it to Convention, and if either of them makes it and wins, the UDP will never make it past the General Elections.

Saldivar has been the most vicious, aided by the son of the Prime Minister, Jamal Shyne Barrow. Shyne’s Facebook page, Associated Belize Press, has launched an all-out attack against Faber. On that page, Faber has been accused of having received bribes from Armenian American Lev Dermen. On that page, and also during an interview with Shyne, the Saldivar camp has thrown out allegations that Faber also received monies from Mason. Shyne has said on national television that he understands Mason gave Faber $200,000. There have been attacks against Faber based on allegations in the Auditor General’s Report that he may have been playing a little loosely with Sports Council cash, and also, of course, the usual attacks based on Faber’s history of drinking and beating up women.

The Saldivar camp has even gone so far, on Shyne’s Facebook page, of attacking Faber for his always contentious stance against the teachers of Belize.

Faber may be young and immature, and certainly no match for Saldivar’s brand of vicious, but he has been attacking for all he’s worth. It hasn’t been too hard for him, since Saldivar has given the entire nation enough ammunition to end him. In fact, just today the Belize Times received a copy of an article from the Salt Lake Tribune which states that “Jacob Kingston also is expected to testify about how he and Dermen bribed a Belize security minister named John Saldivar. According to documents released before the trial and discussion from lawyers during a Jan. 13 hearing, Jacob Kingston will testify Dermen was making cash payments to Saldivar and that Jacob Kingston later took over making those payments.”

Aside from the recent scandal with Dermen, Saldivar will never get past his cozy relationship with convicted killer William Danny Mason. Faber’s camp has made much of the fact that Saldivar and Mason were best friends, drinking partners, business partners and there are even allegations that they were much more. In fact, Faber’s camp has start re-circulating a grotesque picture of a man purported to be Saldivar in a bed purported to be that of Mason. He was nude. Enough said.

And there is so much more, as both camps continue to air each other’s dirty linens, and they are really very dirty. Belizeans may have known that the UDP was corrupt, but they are only now learning just how corrupt.

The Belize Times encourages both camps to carry on. The United Democratic Party is dead. Call elections now, Mr. Barrow. Do something honourable for once in your rancid political career.