Party Leader’s Message: “It’s Time to Take our Country Back”

John Briceño

Hi everybody.

What a hell of a January we’ve had. I am sure that even if the UDP leadership had a version of January that was different from the rest of us, it still would not have ended well. For sure our version of January and perhaps the state of our nation at this time is that we have had 12 years of some of the worst financial crises in our history.

We have had twelve years of massive corruption, 12 years of gross incompetence, which has caused us all to lose trust not just in the UDP but in governance on a whole. I can’t say I blame anyone who is today a skeptic.

After all our economy has seen tremendous jobs loss in the financial sector, in the productive sector and in the manufacturing sector. For all the talk of the 5000 new jobs created, the truth is we have more women and young people falling into poverty than ever before. There are more people looking for jobs than ever before and too many of our young people have just given up.

Last year, household income did not and could not grow because our economy was and still is stagnant. What continues to increase however, are government fees and taxes like fuel, electricity and butane and let us not forget the two increase in social security contributions.

All that is true. What’s also true is that while too many Belizean families are barely living from pay cheque to pay cheque, UDP ministers and cronies are living large and rubbing it in our faces.

In 2008 Senator Aldo Salazar was a member of the public service earning no more than $60,000 annually, yet today he has registered himself as a millionaire with assets of close to four million dollars, and then there is Carla Barnett who has been in public service for most of her life, but today she too is a millionaire along with Stephen Duncan who prior to 2008 was a bank employee.

And these are only the UDP Senators, just imagine how much Ministers like Rene Montero, Boots Martinez, Pablo Marin and others are worth today.  Prior to the 2008 elections, none of these persons were known to be worth in the millions.

So, while too many families are still living pay cheque to pay cheque, our ministers and their cronies have become the undeserving 1 percent rich in Belize.

There are two things we can do about this.  We can continue to state the obvious, that the UDP is corrupt, or we can get rid of them.

Here’s one thing we can do now. If you are not registered, go get registered.

If you have friends and family members who are not registered or saying they will not vote; convince them that this election will be the most important in our lifetime. There is no time to waste. Make sure you let the elected UDP representatives know you have had enough of the corruption, incompetence and bad governance.

Look, this is our country and it is time to take it back from this UDP government which is by far the worst government in the history of our nation.

We have to come together now to save our country from the UDP so that together we can get on with the task of building a Belize that works for everyone.

Thanks, God bless and have a safe week.