Question to the Ministers

  1. Will the Prime Minister say if he knows of any connection or association between Lev Termendzhyan and his own son, Anwar Barrow?
  2. Will the Prime Minister say if he asked Deputy Prime Minister Patrick Faber the question posed to the media by his son, Shyne Barrow, about Minister Faber taking money from convicted killer Danny Mason?
  3. Will the Prime Minister confirm or deny that vehicles that were owned by the Public Utilities Commission are being sold off to members of the PUC Commission? And will the Prime also say if any vehicles belonging to the PUC vehicles have been sold or the ownership transferred to persons at or to the UDP Head Quarters and if so for how much were these vehicles purchased?
  4. Will the Prime Minister please inform Belizeans if he was aware that former Minister of State and current Counsel General of Belize in New York, Herman Longsworth, transferred funds from a company named Go Enterprises, to his personal account and to his UDP Albert Division account, and will the Prime Minister please say if he is aware that Go Enterprise is a company owned by Longsworth and that said company was hired by the Ministry of Sports, a ministry under the management of then Minister Longsworth, to do construction work? Finally, will the Prime Minister say if said actions do constitute corruption and as such should be enough for him to recall Mr. Longsworth from New York?