Questions to the Ministers

  1. Will the Prime Minister and Leader of Government please say if he is in support of the statements made by his PUC Chairman Mr. John Avery that the PUC is a powerless institution with no ability to regulate or sanction any government-owned utility company? And will the Prime Minster also say if Mr. Avery is correct in questioning the competence of John Mencias government-appointed CEO of BEL?
  2. Will the Prime Minister finally admit that OJ Elrington is a political embarrassment and liability to his Government and Party and will the Prime Minister also say if he holds OJ responsible for the trouble with the land in Belama phase 4?
  3. Will Pablo Marin, the Minister of Health, apologize for misleading the nation and the residents of Toledo when he dismissed the complaint by Hon. Oscar Requena, the elected representative of Toledo West, and denied that the Ministry of Health was burning hazardous medical waste in the village of San Antonio, Toledo? And will the Minister of Health please say if he is aware that members of the San Antonio (Toledo) community were protesting over the burning of hazardous, medical waste in their community?

4.         Considering his propensity to talk and make public comments, will the Minister of Agriculture, Godwin Hulse please say when he will make a public statement about the commencement of the promised drought relief funds to the affected farmers?