Questions to the Ministers

  1. Now that the Prime Minister is aware that John Saldivar is the name that appears in the matter with Lev Dermen where Dermen is claiming to have made payments of US$25,000 monthly to a Government Minister, will the Prime Minister now act swiftly and ask Saldivar to leave the Cabinet?
  2. Will the Prime Minister say if he will take Kareem Musa’s advice and call the US to get all the information on the Lev Dermen case so he can have all the information about the members of his government who were involved in dealings with Lev Dermen?
  3. Will the Attorney General say if, like the Prime Minister, he will keep telling the Belizean people that there is a difference between legal guilt and factual guilt?
  4. Will the Prime Minister please tell the Belizean people when he will call for a full audit of the Belize Consulate in New York?
  5. Will the Prime Minister recall the statement by former Prime Minister Said Musa who once told him: “no watch me, watch yu self.”