Appealing to their Constituents


Excerpts of FB Posts and Whip Interviews

Hon. Landy Habet, Cayo Northeast

Billy White is the village in Cayo Northeast most prone to flooding. Almost any hard rain will potentially put people and property at risk. Four and one half years requesting assistance from GOB and NEMO. None ever came.

We get by with the little we have and at times with the help from some friends. I want to thank Isaac Friesen for assisting in clearing a clogged culvert and excavating a drain so water on the center road could move out and make the road passable. Thanks also to operator Mr Dueck for his ability to manuever the big machine to do the work.///

Of Flooding, Infrastructure and Cause and Effect

I am certainly not here to cast blame on one single causative action or inaction but we have to reflect on what could have been done with the limited resources and how we can ameliorate the destructive effects of natural and man-made disasters.

  1. We certainly need to curb some of our destructive agricultural practices (Elimination of the Riparian forests, desertification), mining of river and river banks, changing the course of streams and creeks without proper Infrastructure in agriculture practices and during road construction.
  2. On the other side of things we need to spend our money by prioritizing our needs and spend it effectively and efficiently.

While we have been giving much attention to the main highways, and it is deservingly so for all the right reasons, we cannot forget the effects on communities and villages that suffer year after year with no response and attention from the Government. Today we see the thousands of pictures and videos from these affected communities and their people. It also exposes some of the inhumane living conditions of our people. If only we could have spent some of the 500 plus millions from Petro Caribe or the 700 plus millions from the Petroleum industry wisely.

Note that apart from Capital 2 spending GOB has spent from Capital 3 loans on road rehabilitation.

But Alas! Priority and proper evaluation and supervision have been missing.

Oscar Mira, Belmopan

Mira is about the people of Belmopan. It is time for a fresh start in Belmopan. New government and new representation.

(The Whip) Houses by Maya Mopan was under water. The amount of water is too much for the drainage system. There is an engineering department that should be looking at these things. There is a bridge on the George Price Highway that has cut off the west of the country. I had plenty of calls this morning that many people and their homes are flooded. We are about to open a shelter at the Family of God Church for families that have been displaced by the rising water.///



Hon. Julius Espat, Cayo South

I would like to congratulate the competent Engineers at the Ministry of Works to come up with a fast temporary solution to this recent catastrophe in Cayo South. The policy makers cannot continue building roads that lead to nowhere, and abandon the maintenance of our main highways. A new Government will need to address all these pressing issues for and on behalf of the people of Belize

(The Whip) It’s happening again. It is a difficult situation for us. Cayo South has long been clamouring for basic infrastructure to live in a time like this. Priorities are not in place. They (the UDP government) does not clean the rivers and nothing to help. We need to alert the Ministers in charge like Castro. We have to do what we have to do to help the people.

All the white elephant projects out there were worth millions of dollars; these are of no help.

It suddenly became a river by St. Matthews in Cayo South. It is a sad situation when compounded with the last flood a few days before and Covid-19. People were being displaced simple due to UDP greed and incompetence.

Hon. Jose Mai, Orange Walk Town

On Tuesday, 16 June the Party Leader and I had a very productive meeting with business leaders/ farmers of Blue Creek, OW.

It is great to listen to the concerns of those who turn the economic wheel. Those who employ the masses and those who provide food for the nation.

Hon. Rodwell Ferguson, Dangriga

Belizeans if you want to vote in the next general election in Belize then now is the time to get registered. We could have a possible late August election and the deadline to register to vote in a late August election is July 10th 2020. If you are living in Stann Creek West for no less than 2 months you can register to vote. You can leave me a message here(his FB page) if you would like to get registered.

What is required for you to register?

  1. Social Security Card along with birth paper
  2. Birth paper and a JP signature on one of your pictures.
  3. A valid passport
  4. Naturalization document along with Social Security card.

(The Whip) Whenever Cayo South rains the next to follow is Stann Creek West. There can be major flooding in our area. We have requested that our drains be cleared. When the PUP wins we will concentrate in our communities so that flood do not happen.///

I never realize our health care workers are taking such a ‘licking.’ They no longer provide food and toilet paper for them at work.

Getting messages from around the country the health care workers are drained and frustrated and if they complain they received treats that they will be sent home. They have them working late hours and with no transportation home. At the Belmopan hospital they work in fear. They are reminded that they need a job especially at this time very sad these people are professionals. There is breakdown in the system. The people can only take so much.

Time to change the Government they will be going around making all the offers and after they win nothing is done for rural areas.

Hon. Kareem Musa, Caribbean Shores

George Floyd there! Allyson Major here

END INJUSTICE everywhere. #BelizesupportsBLM

Hon. Florencio Marin, Corozal Southeast

Se invita a todos que apoyen al Partido Unido del Pueblo y que aún no se han registrado y quiera hacer este ejercicio, de debe poner en contacto con los líderes del PUP en su comunidad para que se les explique el proceso a seguir. Recuerden que su voz es su voto. Participe y regístrese ahora…

Hacia La Victoria con el PUP…

Allan Pollard, Queen’s Square

Special congratulations to the graduates from Gwen Liz Evening Division.

Those who prioritized getting an education and went back to school. Best of luck to you all in the work force or the world of entrepreneurship.

It’s never too late to learn!

(The Whip) Dean Barrow, you cannot switch your integrity on and off. It doesn’t work like that. When it comes to the Faber’s Road. Why was there no ribbon cutting for that road?

The history of this country is the history of PUP. The young need to know that there is a better way. If we can bring everyone together we can make a difference.

I was campaigning and a young man tell me, “I know that you will be better than this.” “I deh with you.”

Michel Chebat, Cayo North

The recent spike in crimes in the Twin Towns of San Ignacio and Santa Elena is of great concern and is unacceptable.

I am calling on the Commissioner of Police and the Officer in Charge to take immediate steps to safe guard the lives and livelihoods of our citizens.

Let’s work together to abate the rise of criminality in the community.

Candice Pitts, Mesopotamia

At the Mesopotamia Soup Kitchen!

We haven’t been posting everyday about the work. But, we are still serving the residents of Mesopotamia, and they extend much gratitude!

While most of those who are in need now stop by the kitchen to pickup a hot meal, we continue to deliver food to the elderly who are immobile, and we continue to serve the tenants at the Raymond Park’s Night Shelter.

Until we can indeed create a country and society that works for everyone, my team and I will continue to make our contribution, however small, towards our collective progress.

As usual, we thank our committed and our most recent donors: Bradley Roe, Mayor of Belize City Bernard Wagner, Leader of the Opposition John Briceno and others


Notably, though the UDP has held control of Mesopotamia for the past 30 years, most of the development in the area has been done by a PUP representative or PUP government:

Armadillo Park: Richard “Dickie” Bradley

Fire Station: Richard “Dickie” Bradley

Post Office: Richard “Dickie” Bradley

Rebirth of St Michael’s College (Now Maud Williams): Richard “Dickie” Bradley

Hostel Field / Albert Hoy Field: Richard “Dickie” Bradley

Swimming Pool (which was a benefit to the community, high school, and Raccoon St Police, and which the UDP neglected and therefore ruined): Richard “Dickie” Bradley

Raymond Park’s Night Shelter: Remijio Montejo and Stephen Latchman (et al)

Mesopotamia Sewing Center: Partners and Dr Candice Pitts

Mesopotamia Soup Kitchen: Partners and Dr Candice Pitts

We are truly All About the People!

 Andre Perez, Belize Rural South


Application for a change of Electoral Division from one Electoral Division to another are done using Form No. 17. These applications are processed during normal working hours at the Elections and Boundaries Registration Office in his or her new division during the Period: JULY 1 – AUGUST 31


PUP San Pedro: 674-5309/ 675-5309

PUP Caye Caulker: 671-5309

NOTE: Electors are required to provide true and accurate information as it is an offence to give false information.


Oscar Arnold, Collet

“Be the change that you wish to see in Collet, Be apart of Team POLO.”

LIVING FACTS: 17 Years of Patrick Faber in Collet and he have not built a single HOUSE/HOME for anybody, No new Development in 17 years. Currently he’s the Minister of Education, Youth Sports and Culture since 2012.

Question: What has he(Faber) done for the youths in Collet (highest murder rate in the city)

SPORTS: No football field. No Playgrounds

CULTURE: We have lost our identity as a people

EDUCATION: You have to run down a minister for a little assistance


Ramiro Ramirez, Corozal Southwest

We the farmers are suffering with this Government, Cane farmer Cattle farmer all agricultural sector we need good governance good plan we have to save Belize.

Jorge ‘Milin’ Espat, Cayo West

Digamos SI a la prosperidad de Cayo Oeste y el bienestar de nuestra gente y mejor gobernación.

¡Nos cansamos de esperar lo mejor, por eso vamos con todo a decir NO AL ABANDONO!

¡JUNTOS PODEMOS! Esta elección 2020 votemos por nuestros candidatos PUP


Are you registered to vote? REGISTER TO VOTE

The Elections and Boundaries office in Cayo West is now open from Monday-Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. If you need assistance in getting registered please contact Mr. Manuel Mendez 604-0673, Mr. Alfred Kuylen 625-6163, Mr. Joe Mendez 635-5977 or Mr. Marco Chable (Succotz) 652-2995.

Our country is in crisis with an incompetent government which has failed our people during the most vulnerable moments. The best never came and certainly will never come with this administration. It can only be possible if we make a change. The only way you can change the direction of our future is by VOTING.

YOUR VOTE MATTERS! Get registered on time as we gear towards a decisive moment in Belizean Politics. Stay Safe. Best wishes from your PUP Cayo West candidate.

Ed. Note: Readers please be mindful that these are excerpts. For the complete comment/releases/posts of our PUP leaders visit, like and follow their FB profiles and pages and the Whip Show saved videos.