BYM President’s Message: The Time is NOW


By Karim Adle

The year 2020 has been one hell of a rollercoaster, to put it mildly. However, as the saying goes ‘all bad things will pass.’ As we prepare to weather the storm it is time to highlight the lows 2020 has brought to light. One thing is for sure, if you don’t understand and fix the ailments we are set up to repeat them, again and again. The UDP has been in government since 2008 and they have been campaigning ever since, although they have won three consecutive terms they pretend it is still the PUP in government and blame us for everything.

It is time for us to unmask them for the fraudulent characters they are. Covid-19 brought to light the true state of our economy. A couple months ago Barrow boasted for the Budget Presentation that we are living in a robust economy with unprecedented spending in infrastructure and other areas. Fast forward to a couple months since then, Covid-19 has brought the government to its knees, rumors of mass retrenchment plague the halls of every government office or institution across the country. Government employees face harsh budget cuts and many agencies have undergone pay cuts while the bills continue to go up. The government has offered little to no assistance and are now begging the Bond Holders for Mercy. Quite frankly, it shows how hypocritical they are, they have given their people no assistance but beg internationally on our behalf. Where are all the millions borrowed?

I can name hundreds of people that still have not even gotten a response on their $150 assistance from GOB. I cry for my people, we deserve better. We are a resilient young and bright country but this government has had no mercy on us and this government has brought us to our knees. While consumers income has been decreased to unprecedented lows the utility bills have risen to unprecedented highs.

As a country, as a people the Government has failed its people and have not prioritized their needs, instead they built roads and bridges and roundabouts and even buildings. Boasting on their unprecedented spending. A couple months ago they boasted about signing a 180 million contract for a road to nowhere. Not a single dollar has been spent on housing for the less fortunate, little to no resources pumped in our health sector. I could sit here and bring forward all other areas they could have invested in but let me stick to the fact that these roads cost us the Belizean tax payers millions upon millions.

We made Imer Hernandez and company filthy rich while receiving lackluster work. As I sit and write this article, we in the West are cut off from our brothers and sisters in the South and into Belize City as the road is impassable to one night of constant rain, yes you read that right, ONE NIGHT! I pray the creator’s mercy on us this hurricane season as this one night further brought to light the fact that even after spending hundreds of millions on infrastructure we are not better prepared today for a natural disaster than we were 12 years ago. This government failed all of us as they put all their eggs in the infrastructure basket and failed miserably even at that.

It is evident that the time has come for them to leave office, they have lost the confidence of the populace and the time for Belizeans to decide our way forward is now more clear than ever. They have no credibility in the eyes of Belizeans and even in the International markets. They used our foreign national reserves to pay for BTL, money that we are now longing for, money we wish we would not have accessed. As credit card holders keep getting restricted, look at BTL and remember Barrow prioritized that over the security of your reserves and risked us all.

While all of us undoubtedly dislike Corona Virus, it brought to light how much of a fraud Dean Barrow and his government are. His cabinet is comprised of ghosts and artificial individuals that have not offered any solutions. They stood by and believed their own stunt of giving up one month’s salary which should now be heralded as heroic when it is simply a hypocritical stunt as Belizeans know where their true wealth comes from. As a nation, as a people we must understand that we deserve better and let us all get on our knees and pray that our Belize is spared from a natural disaster as these rains show how unprepared we are for a national disaster.