Faber: https://Tip of the Iceberg


I want to point some things Patrick Faber uttered in his state of education charade. Other than that he missed saying that education is in a terrible state

As usual Faber was drenched with ignorance. He totally forgot he was Minister of the Education of our Children and Youth. He spent Monday June 8 putting in airtime which he smirked off. He obviously was doing his best to pitch a perfect press conference at the expense of our children and Belizean Children’s essential education.

It was a cheap briefing where all we heard was cut this, cut that and NO plan as to how my children will be safe in the classroom on August 10. Children and teachers do not want to be in the classroom yet. They were locked down since March and just when they are free, bam they are set into a possibly dangerous setting.

Patrick Faber are you telling the teachers, all levels, and parents that their hard work was a failure? That would be the only reason that would fit for reopening so early like a loose cannon.

Faber showed that he is technologically not adroit. I am not saying he is a nincompoop but he needs to learn how to read a basic uniform resource locator(URL). This might seem petty but in 2020 we cannot have someone who doesn’t know this and be the leader of education in the era when technology in the classroom is a no-brainer to most. It seems that Digi Learn has flown over his head. Faber kept saying his staff has worked hard, of that there is no doubt. But the leader MUST work harder than them for it to be fair and to function better.

Faber qualified the items he presented as the tip of the iceberg. Apart from missing his IT classes, he also missed Literature and English. If he presented the tip of the State of Education then the rest is horrendous. Education in Belize can be expected to sink ala Titanic. Expect to have worse revelations about Education since Faber didn’t have the intestinal fortitude to tell us all the truth. Most likely he cannot see all the panorama. Faber normally is short sighed and now he is blinded by a convention. The Education of our children is lost in his other exigencies.

After all the total truth would dampen his real goal—Leadership aspirations to the overall hotbed of corruption.

We would rather that the Minister of Education be engaging with the person that is poised to succeed him. As the people chose their new government, it is obvious that the UDP should be thinking of handing over. If they care for Belize this sacred choice, elections, should come as quickly as possible for the sake of our children and the Belize they own for their foreseeable future.