PUP Party Leader Listens to the Residents of Blue Creek


“It is now time for the PUP to roll out our plans to rescue our country, to put our economy back on a path to growth and to look ahead so that we can present our plans for good jobs, better education, less crime and more opportunity.” – John Briceño

John Briceño visits with and listens to residents of Blue Creek in the Orange Walk District. The PUP Party Leader is on record that a plan towards economic recovery will the unveiled in the coming weeks. Here he visits with Belizean Farmers who provide to the food subsistence of our nation.

Tourism Should Flourish Under the Shade of a Massive AgroProductive Industry

Just at the onset of new decade 2020, the novel coronavirus, SARS-Covid-2, was just another trivial story made in China. The notion that social media had totally taken over human interest was prevailing. Human population was inexorably gathering towards the coastlines of the world and there was a concerted push away from the physically and socially distant rural and agricultural lifestyles. The world was already being threatened by climate change which was triggering Earth’s natural reactions to certain critical points. Nevertheless, two thousand nineteen’s novel coronavirus had its own devastation ready to unleash and it did.

Viruses exploit weaknesses and this Covid-19 attacked one with impunity. Historically humankind has been mobile for reasons of food acquisitions, conquering of lands, moving far from threats but today people moved for business and pleasure. We do so heedlessly and without regard to our health or the earth’s. Human interaction is pervasive and more undeniable than anyone had theorized. We were freely breathing in each other’s exhaled particles. This weakness was fine until Covid-19 took advantage of that freedom. Osama’s twin tower attack pales to the coronavirus to the umpteenth power.

In a massive shock, air and sea travel was not as safe as the millions who travelled and toured the world thought. In one fell swoop, the Covid-19 disease took over as the number one killer, bar none. People had to stay home to shelter from this unknown and unseen assailant. Each nation took a severe punch to its economic nose. The power of that impact was directly proportionally to the individually countries’ level of addiction to tourism dollars or Euros or any other foreign currency.

Caveats were ignored by entire countries and their administrations. The heeds in the case of our Central American country of Belize were many. These heeds were simple yet urgent. Tourism is very high risk; one major occurrence to your country and the world, and bam the economy and its people could be in a tailspin for the ages. One war. One disaster—artificial or natural. One disease.

As addictions go, acceptance of the problem is the most difficult hurdle. Denial persevered profoundly in the government of Belize.

With Covid-19, isolation and physical distancing is as close an anti-coronavirus as any vaccination can get. In a virtual about turn, NOW, rural is better, agro productivity is the key to strong and resilient economies and keeping tourists at bay and highly measured is a smart and a novel way of building an economy especially one with a pre-existing recession.

The citizens of the world will come especially since the country Belize is gorgeous and in many ways pristine. Quality should be first and foremost as that will conserve the environment in a revisitable form. Quantity tarnishes the jewel’s flicker.

Consider a glorious agro productive Industry laced with the relevant regional agreements, government support, financial stability, prepared human resources and agriculture-friendly land policy. Match all that with a well-balanced Tourism policy. Belize could be the newest best practice. People could be saying, “that country is the new Belize,” akin to thriving and prosperous economy for a small country.

As the UDP government became complacent in their ill-thought expensive yet poorly-done infrastructure projects, they were placing all their eggs in the tourism basket. Tourism went up and down but the UDP saw it as easier money than tilling the soil. And yes, the coronavirus showed us that agriculture in the small to medium scale was doing well in spite of the treatment offered by the UDP government. If these farmers were not doing well enough to take losses at the beginning of the pandemic, Belize might have been starving and without food security.

Belize is still importing way too much. For the scale of our production, we should be able to enter foreign markets for a variety of items that are consumed by our neighbours. At this point and the foreseeable future, what we consider as being large amounts is miniscule when it enters Mexican markets or Central American markets. Belize though needs to be an entrepreneurial country with a government that supports its citizens at whatever level is needed. With a government in tandem with its citizens, Belize should be able to rise to become our own type of economic power.

With our size and with the resources that are being envied in the Caribbean, we only need a true leader. Too bad, the UDP failed to see this as their economic retinas were blinded since February 7, 2008.

When the People’s United Party rolls out the plans to work with Belize it will be obvious that the AgroProductive sector will be one of the heavy lifters. The beautiful unsustainable SUV(Tourism) bogged in the terrain of uncertainty(UDP recession) will be hauled out by the tractor. There was no need to explain the end of the analogy. It is clear. The PUP and John Briceño will haul a prepared Belize to the promised land with a plan, hard work and dedication of its cadre 31 and 400,000 willing Belizeans.

Tourism can have its place. It can prosper but only under the shade of a massive agro productive Industry. Our children and their children deserve that and more.