PUP Release: UDP Merciless in Time of Crisis


During the time when thousands are still waiting for Covid Relief in the form of petty cash or food the UDP imposes higher butane and gasoline prices. Just when Fishermen are distraught as Lobster prices have tumbled from 33 to 16 dollars their boating fuel is more expensive.

The International Monetary Fund does not want to know about Belize and its present UDP government’s heedless ways.

GoB continues it crackhead mannerism of selling our children’s futures by offering a most expensive bond. Belizeans will pay back too much when compared to the UDPs renegotiated what Hulse called the “superbond.”’

Incidentally, the UDP has now signalled that it could essentially default on their August payment on that same superbond. This transaction was way out of his league so Barrow couldn’t comprehend it. Now, his UDP owes three times the amount of the superbond(about 4 BILLION) and it is easy to understand that the incompetent UDP is mishandling even that.

They can spend recklessly but who will pay it back? The Belizean children whose education is being held hostage are being saddled with paying the rude lawless spending by the incompetent and corrupt UDP.

The Southern Regional Hospital is being asked to control printing and the use of Toilet Paper while they see a Panton-driven Prado visiting a Tourist location using taxpayer fuel.

The UDP needs to go for economic and social healing to instil onto Belize. The PUP can then foment a new Belizean economic atmosphere with real hope and vision that prosperity is definitely within our grasp.

The PUP release essentially addresses all this and more.


 Tuesday, June 16, 2020                  For Immediate Release


Whenever the price of fuel and associated products go down in the region and around the world, somehow, it never happens in Belize. When questions are asked, Mr. Barrow’s Ministry of Finance concocts wordy, obscure explanations about global factors and acquisition costs, usually with a promise that prices will go down soon. IT NEVER HAPPENS. When prices go down around the world, the price of fuel in Belize, ironically, goes UP. When prices around the world go up by just a few cents, the price of fuel in Belize goes WAY UP.

The decision by the United Democratic Party Government to raise the prices of fuel and butane, in the face of a pandemic and economic crisis of unprecedented proportions, is a slap in the face of all normal Belizeans. It is gross abuse and a total disregard for the crisis facing the country. How can the UDP bring more punishment in the form of higher fuel prices and higher butane costs at a time when so many have lost their jobs and there is little hope of a recovery anytime soon?

The increase in butane cost is insane, and tantamount to rape. The UDP pushed for its butane monopoly at a time when existing suppliers were willing to sell butane to Belizeans at historically low prices. They pushed those suppliers out of business and in a matter of one month, raised the price of butane not once, but twice.

Belizeans across this nation, those not privy to political connections with this government which have made them wealthy, have been struggling to make ends meet. COVID-19 is not to blame. The pandemic only highlighted and underscored the economic disaster in the country brought on by the man-made disasters in Cabinet. How can the government continue like this?  How will the people live?


The People’s United Party will no longer call on the UDP to right its deliberate, callous wrongs. Mr. Barrow does not listen. He and the rich UDP’s in Cabinet do not understand or care about the plight of normal Belizeans. We call on all Belizeans to stand up against this injustice and join the move to save our economy.

Mr. Barrow says he grieves for his poor Belize. The people say – we are poor because of you and the UDP.  MR. BARROW, DON’T GRIEVE.  JUST LEAVE!


 Contact: Linsford Castillo Secretary General

E-mail: [email protected]