Questions to the Ministers

  1. Where is the Minister of NEMO? While the west and south floods, the NEMO Minister is busy smoking his meat.  Is that not a clear abandonment of his duties?
  2. Is the Minister of NEMO aware that we are in the rainy season and if so why did he not contact the Ministry of Works to ensure that our so-called climate resilient highways had the proper ditches and canals so as not to cause our most busy highway to cave in at mile 38?
  3. Where was the Minister of Health when the San Ignacio flu clinic was floating away? Will the Minister of Health please provide Belizeans with justification for him to remain in his post?
  4. Where is the Minister of Works Rene Montero? With the highways breaking apart after only two days of rain, what could be more important than the Minister of Works being on the job making sure our highways are operational?  Could it be that the Minister is busy with piglets?
  5. Belizeans stay safe, pay attention to weather, those in low lying areas and near rivers please look out for flash flooding and remember we still have to practice social distancing and wear our mask in public.