Questions to the Ministers

  1. Will the Minister of Finance please let the Belizean people know how many Belizeans applied for unemployment relief in the month of June? Oh wait a minute, he can’t because they shut down the portal for Belizeans to apply for unemployment relief.
  2. Considering that he invited the CEO in the Ministry of Health and the Director of Health Services to join him at Thursday’s Press Conference, will the Prime Minister say why his Minister of Health Pablo was not invited to be a part of his press conference? And will the Prime Minister not agree that given the state of our health ministry that he is totally disappointed in his Health Minister Pablo Marin?
  3. Will the Minister of Works please inform the Belizean people who is being contracted to do the urgently needed repairs on the George Price Highway near mile 38 and, then, how much will it cost?
  4. Will the Minister of Agriculture please inform Belizeans what he has done to assist the cattle farmers and other farmers in Belize who have lost so much because of the government’s wrong-headed policy with respect to cattle exports? And will the Minister not agree that the decision by Cabinet to stop the export of cattle to Guatemala has indeed cost the Belizean people millions of dollars in losses?
  5. Keep Safe Belize, as we get ready to open up some more, remember to practice safe distance, wash your hands and wear your mask in public.