IF NEEDED, Transfer your Vote to another Constituency to VOTE PUP

“He is Scoundrel enough to have me voting” This is a comment seen on social media following John Saldivar’s launch of his leadership campaign in the latter months of 2019. Now in Summer of very late June 2020 and in the middle of a pandemic from which God is sparing us of we are looking at a choice of direction—a giant choice of a lifetime. Do you want to continue with the UDP’s campaign of terror or do you want the Hope and the vision for a real Belize that will soon be working for everyone?

“Scoundrel” now sounds prophetic as the scoundrel has been risen and slammed back down to earth all within 72 hours in what is definitely among the quickest leadership debacles in history. Apologies for even calling it a leadership… It was infamy at its UDP most. It was more abominable than surprising. It is only ONE of the may reason Belize cannot afford one more day under the UDP. Belize gets poorer by the minute with the UDP new version of 1998’s ‘five year dah five years.’

It might not be the best of positive reasons but every day gives rise to a new realization that voting the UDP out and voting in the visionary PUP is utmost importance to Belize. A peaceful life devoid of political interference begins with the political move of voting for the right leaders. Sunday July 12 is a new date on the timeline for the UDP’s halls of infamy and is a good example of what is NOT for Belize.

When deciding to vote making that important first move is most often the most difficult.


If you have never voted before and feel the urgency of the moment to save our Belize, that urgency should lead you to register so that you can get a chance to mark your dissatisfaction with the present UDP government. In Belize, we register that dissatisfaction by voting on Election Day…and then holding those you vote for accountable. Do not lose touch with your government.

If you are all over Belize at your work, commuting in a bus, eating at a restaurant, riding a taxi, strolling through social media and feeling that you are ignored by the UDP, REGISTER.

If, you don’t have a job, REGISTER.

If, you don’t have a piece of land to your name whilst others seem to get, REGISTER.

If, you hate living from pay check to smaller pay check, REGISTER.

Were you mistreated at your hospital, if you even have one, REGISTER.

If you are anxious about your child or yourself completing your education, REGISTER.

Ask yourself, who are you voting for in the upcoming General election to be called shortly in this 2020? Not the UDP….

Wait…are you even registered to vote? If not, REGISTER.

If you are not registered, all that fury will be of no consequence. You must place your ONE sacred vote for Belize.

Call your unregistered friend to prepare…REGISTER and vote.

Belize is counting on everyone to vote the UDP out. Go REGISTER NOW.

Find you nearest PUP office and they will be willing to help.

Go on Facebook and contact the PUP representatives and Standard Bearers to your constituency.

LIKE the Belize Times Press FB page.

On ELECTION DAY, Vote PUP…we have the better candidates no doubt.

We have the best leader since George Price…Hon. John Briceño.

Search for our FB pages and get informed on how you can be a part of the change that is coming. Be a part of the new peaceful constructive revolution to a Belize that will work for everyone.

N.B. If you currently live far from where you registered during mid-2018 up to today, then transfer your vote so that on Election Day you will not have to travel far. But it is your choice to transfer. This TRANSFER can only be done legally during July and August.

New voters can still register normally. On Election Day, you will need to travel any distance to your constituency of registration or transfer of constituency and Vote PUP.