“Service over Self”

June 25, 2020

On June 17, 2020, Police Officers lined up to cast their votes for a new Central Board for the Belize Police Association. They voted for good governance, accountability and a complete change in leadership. The election is held annually.

This Association’s Central Board represents over two thousand (2000) Constables, Corporals and Sergeant’s country-wide to ensure that issues of welfare and efficiency are brought to the attention of the Commissioner and try to propose viable solutions to issues which can range from transportation, lodging, proper working facilities among others.

The new President for the first time is a woman. W. Sergeant Jane Usher, who has been a serving member of the Police Department for over 14 years, joined because of her passion to serve her country, to help uplift the Police department, and also a special interest in criminal investigating.

The new Vice President is Sergeant Jermaine Hyde, who has also been a serving member of the Belize Police Department for over 14 years. He said quite candidly that at first he was just looking for a job but, this job has turned into a passion with no regrets about his journey.

  1. Sergeant Usher along with Sergeant Jermaine Hyde were the two who received the highest amount of votes in the elections.

Members of the Central Board includes Cpl. 1032 William Usher (Treasurer), W/PC 1399 Shelene Myers (Secretary), W/Cpl. 1377 Belky Gilharry (Outreach Coordinator), W/Cpl. 1307 Reina Mendoza (Public Relations), And, W/PC 1492 Vindy Marin (Events & Sports Coordinator).

The newly elected Central Board reiterates that they will work hard and ensure Officers that they will be there in time of need for all.