Fry Chicken as Legal Tender for Tax Payments

Ohh… the UDP is showing all the symptoms of their imminent death. These are popping up everywhere but they refuse to face the ‘antivote’. Instead they unearth each other’s refuse-laden dirty linen for the public to see. The latest revelation was by the Lee Mark associated Chon Saan restaurant of the same address for an inordinate number of Caribbean Shores voters. It seems that the son of the Chinese restaurant tab holder and Talk show host made a deal for the now functus UDP City Council some three years ago in 2016-2017. The deal involved getting food, fried chicken and beers, in exchange for City Council tax credits.

This son of the mentioned signee is ex Mayor Darrell Bradley who is of course now the functionless President of the Senate. Let’s leave it to the intelligence of our Belize Times readers to examine this one. Examine how Bradley now sits on the seat where Lee Mark sat also doing nothing. The Senate President seat is one of honour and both these persons have dishonoured it. Bradley was undesired as Mayor, as Caribbean Shores Standard Bearer so he cut some deal to exchange with the unknown Lee Mark whose sole achievement was moving random people into buildings to register them for votes.

Bradley somehow feels that his throne at the Senate is for real. Nobody really wants to know about him. Now Lee Mark or his Chon Saan are demanding that the Fry Chicken for Taxes infamy be honoured. The demand was made public together with receipts.

Bradley…a piece of advice, do not say you don’t know anything about this one. That would be worse for your quest to look Prime Ministerial. But hey… you Bradley are looking more and more like the rest of the incompetent UDP you want to lead into their political grave.

Now for a BRaata… five or more of the receipts totalling 18 thousand dollars of Landshark and Chicken were endorsed with the signature of crowfoot famed Miller herself. So she and Bradley were in cahoots. Miller infamously took the BCC to court and won a settlement of more than a quarter million. Poor Belize City citizens being fired today would love to get that type of severance.

If the City Council is still paying her, this should in the very least be deducted from whatever settlement was arrived at. Oh….legalities can often be unfair. Belize City residents will again be forced to pay for the Bradley/Miller shenanigans.

Soon the Belize City people will unleash their fury into the UDP. This UDP keeps refusing the catharsis gravely needed by Belize. Elections will only be the beginning of the UDP’s castigation.

Update: It seems that Bradley could not take the heat, what is left to see is how far his imminent resignation would go–from the UDP, from the Senate, and what will he say?