It is difficult to fathom and follow the thought processes of an obfuscated mind mired with obsessions of power and delusions of grandeur.  What exactly keeps the Prime Minister (PM) going time and again to the Courts even as each time he is sent back defeated and deflated, tail between his legs and with ever increasing bills for Belizeans to pay?  For years the PM has tried to affirm his omniscience and has used the abuse of state power to assert his dominion.  However, it has become unmistakable that the actions of this UDP government are arbitrary, disreputable and dishonorable.  In the latest debacle the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) ruled that the GOB’s arbitrary and unilateral taking over of the registries from Belize International Services Limited (BISL) were “inconsistent with the standards of good governance, in breach of the duty of good faith, contractually unreasonable, fundamentally unfair, an abuse of State power, and therefore contrary to the rule of law.”

The Supreme Court in Belize must now decide what the damages payable are.  There are damages however that are not so easily quantifiable.  The hit to Belize’s reputation as a place to do good business has once again been dragged through the muck.  Good Governance in Contract Law means contracting with parties in good faith, fairly and honestly.  In the case of Belize the present Government can neither be trusted to do this duty nor to uphold the spirit of its own Constitution with any degree of integrity or objectivity.

This PM has a long list of litigation botches.  Each one has come at a heavy cost to the Belizean people, in some cases we have yet to see the bill we already know must be paid.  The truth is simple, every single time the PM flexes his power, he violates the Laws and Constitution of Belize and loses the ensuing litigation.  Belize then earns another black eye in the international community.  We have just about lost all credibility as a viable option for international investment.  There has not been significant development of industry or an influx of foreign investment in the country quite simply because there is no confidence or guarantee of good governance in this country.  Even in the face of utter defeat, Barrow continues to petulantly disregard the Rule of Law and to lie.  The assertion that the ruling Chief Justice Benjamin gave as a parting gift in regards to the unconstitutional spending of $1.5Billion is in fact non-binding because it was delivered orally and not in writing is ludicrous.  This is grasping at straws, and further serves as an example of arrogance and is an affront to our judicial system.

The PM has gone on record to say he grieves for Belize… he has strangled the economy, mutilated the health system, abandoned agriculture, humiliated our public service, bludgeoned our judiciary.  Now he grieves over the carcass he prepares to leave for dead.  Barrow has struck many a mortal blow, the departure of international commercial banks, the loss of correspondent bank services, the disregard for rule of law and the affront to the constitution and criminal spending of more than $1.5Billion.  Yet despite crippling debt and notoriety for international fraud scams Belize may be down but certainly not out!  Belize will not miss you when you leave Mr. Barrow.  Belize will not grieve, she will rejoice as she is freed from the burdensome albatross she has carried around her neck these last twelve years.  Together we will rebuild a Belize that works for all of us!