Barrow Bankrupts Belize Twice


1998 is here All over Again and Worse yet!

In 1998 only TWO of the UDP incumbents got back their seats and they are looking to stay with no seats this time. The UDP power-crazed administration was convincingly swept out of government with only 3 seats for them to grieve with. In that fateful year for Cayo West, Erwin began his 22 years of neglect of Benque and surrounding areas.

GE 1998, PUP win, is still the most lopsided win since 1981 Independence and in 2020 the UDP are doing ALL they can to break this record into a non-countable piece. Back then the UDP’s Esquivel(petted by Barrow) had called elections on July 13 with the effect of a dissolved house on July 15 with a nomination day on August 11 and the General Elections to be held on August 27.

The 1998 UDP milked Belize to “No Moh, No Moh” up to the bitter end when the constitution kicked in an exact five years after their June 30, 1993 win. Exact, since the countdown to five years starts at the official launch of the UDP government on the date the House Meeting was held in 1993, a few days after the election polls. Confusing?

The 1998 UDP mockery motto was that “five years dah five years.”

Belize craved to see the 1998 UDP out. The Vatman was despised. The Minister of Everything even then was mean Dean. There was no doubt Esquivel was Dean’s puppet. The sucker Vat was really Dean’s. The Christmas Retrenchment is Dean’s. Since then, Dean is still suffering PTSD.—he is horrified of the IMF which triggered the retrenchment.

In 1998, post elections, Dean was so traumatized of the mind-numbing loss that he could not show himself at the first of the House Meetings launching the first of two PUP Administration of 1998-2003. The UDP’s wooden chairs at the novel al fresco meeting were empty just as Gapi’s House seat has been these last 3 years. Gapi learned well.

In 2012 and 2015, Dean hurriedly called elections and with dexterity and cunningness, more than popularity and record, squeaked by into eternal infamy.

Now Barrow is trying hard to create a last minute legacy as he moves on to pasture. TOO LATE.

It seems that 1998 did not teach him anything. Maybe he did, Dean is shoving his UDP again into an election with a bankrupt Belize. If he learned, Belize is not feeling it, we are suffering. Not even another twelve and a half years will help him.

Definitely. leadership is not in Dean O Barrow. Legacy is for those with giant minds and hearts. Dean thinks that he has a heart.

During the Covid pandemic, he and the UDP lost all hope for Belize and, subsequently, lost all hope from Belize. There is not one constituency in Belize that will vote for the now defunct UDP. History will sweep them up to be compared and reviled more than the cursed coronavirus itself.